MoviePass has launched an official online merch store, but there's not 'Gotti' gear — yet

  • MoviePass has launched merchandising.
  • Mugs, shirts, and caps are on sale. It even landed a deal with Marvel to sell “Black Panther” shirts.
  • But, sadly, no “Gotti” gear yet.

Diehard MoviePass fans, now you can show your support of the monthly movie-theatre subscription app by sporting its merch.

This week the company launched a merchandising web page through Represent, the crowd-funding merchandise platform. Now you can wear a MoviePass t-shirt, hoodie, hat, or sip your morning coffee out of a mug that’s got the logo right on it.

“We are officially merchandising now,” MoviePass told Business Insider on Thursday via a statement. “We will continue to expand store offerings and products and also provide timely merchandise tied to movies and titles which may be marketed in particular to some subscribers based on their tastes.”

Its current movie-tied merch is for “Black Panther.” Through the blessing of Marvel, the MoviePass store features “Wakanda Forever” hoodies, long sleeves, and t-shirts with the face of the M’Baku character on them. They even got the actor who plays the role, Winston Duke, to model with the one of the shirts on.

John travolta gottiMoviePass VenturesBut where’s the ‘Gotti’ merch?

Prices range from $US14.99 for a MoviePass mug to $US49.99 for a hoodie. The “Black Panther” shirts range from $US29.99 (t-shirt) to $US49.99 (hoodie).

We are sad to find, though, that currently there is no merchandise related to the movie “Gotti,” which MoviePass has a stake in.

The movie on the notorious mobster John Gotti, played by John Travolta, is the latest release through the company’s distribution arm, MoviePass Ventures. It has become an internet sensation following the marketing for the movie calling out its 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

MoviePass said currently it has no plans to release merchandise related to “Gotti” but “that could change.”

We hope so. We would definitely buy a shirt with Travolta’s face on it as Gotti with “Trust the people” written on it.

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