MoviePass is bringing back an unlimited plan, but there's a catch

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderMoviePass.
  • MoviePass is likely to bring back a $US9.95-a-month unlimited plan in the coming days, a source with knowledge of the decision told Business Insider.
  • But the unlimited plan will have restrictions for those MoviePass deems to have “excessive individual usage,” a staging webpage with details of the plan indicated.
  • The company recently said it would restructure its business model to work more closely with MoviePass Films, its production unit.

MoviePass is bringing back an unlimited plan.

Despite a recent exodus of executives and managers, the movie-ticket subscription service has been working to bring back a plan similar to the one that got it so many subscribers two summers ago: a $US9.95-a-month unlimited plan.

The launch has been delayed for weeks, according to a source with knowledge of the decision, who told Business Insider that it would most likely be set live in the coming days.

There are other signs that MoviePass is on the cusp of bringing back the unlimited option.

A staging webpage showing details of the plan was posted on StockTwits over the weekend. By Sunday afternoon, the link had been taken down.

MoviePass 1MoviePassA staging webpage that was live over the weekend showed the MoviePass site unveiling its unlimited plan.

Details on the staging page indicated the unlimited plan would be available to new subscribers for a limited time for any 2D movie.

But there’s a catch: In a clear move to limit power users, MoviePass said it would restrict subscribers’ choices in response to what it deems “excessive individual usage.”

For further explanation of what that means, MoviePass pointed to a section in its terms of use:

MoviePass 3MoviePassA section in the terms of use addressing the unlimited plan.

There, MoviePass said that it “makes no guarantee on the availability to any particular theatre, showtime, or title that is presented in our app” and that it may use its algorithms to restrict users “based on their location, day of movie, time of movie, title, and the individual user’s historical usage.”

These restrictions are similar to existing MoviePass restrictions that remove some popular showtimes and movies from the app.

That’s not the only catch in the new plan. MoviePass said subscribers would get the $US9.95-a-month price if they paid on an annual basis through an e-check or an automated clearinghouse.

With MoviePass’ recent management turmoil and heavy losses, some subscribers might be wary of paying for a full year up front, especially before they know how much MoviePass will restrict movies and showtimes. The ACH option would also require subscribers to provide their bank account information.

MoviePass 2MoviePass

MoviePass currently offers a three-tier pricing plan, ranging from $US9.95 to $US19.95 a month, depending on where you live in the US. MoviePass abandoned the unlimited plan last August after gaining millions of subscribers and burning through hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for their tickets.

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The CFO of MoviePass’ parent company has resigned, as the executive exodus continues

MoviePass recently said it planned to “create a more closely connected relationship between our subscription service and original content production unit, MoviePass Films.”

So why go back to an unlimited plan? The move has some inside the company baffled and has contributed to recent management turnover, a source close to MoviePass told Business Insider.

Last week, Business Insider reported that Khalid Itum, the executive vice president in charge of day-to-day operations, had resigned along with three other management-level staff members.

MoviePass declined to comment for this story.

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