11 Movie Titles That Give Away The Ending

Saving private ryan tom hanksFacebook / ‘Saving Private Ryan’Can you guess what happens in ‘Saving Private Ryan’?

In today’s age of social media and rapid Internet buzz, so much is made of not ruining a movie for those who have yet to see it.
But when it comes to some films, the giveaway is right in the title.

'The Shawshank Redemption'

Through the whole of 'Shawshank,' we root for Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) to be awarded the justice he so rightly deserves after being wrongfully incarcerated for the murder of his wife, and we are elated when it finally comes to him in the form of poo-filled escape.

But why?

We should have known all along things would work out for Andy. Redemption was always the film's destiny.

'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford'

Not only is this title a mouthful, but it tells you exactly what's coming in the end in explicit detail.

Attach yourself to Brad Pitt all you want, but he's going to die in the end, and you already know who kills him.

'Free Willy'

Whether you read the title as a command or a descriptive name, the conclusion is the same: Willy is going to be free.

The title should have saved those millions of tears doubting children shed at the thought of Willy's eternal captivity, but it didn't.

'Kill Bill'

Did anyone actually think Bill was going to make it out alive in a two-volume movie propped up on the concept of his murder, so much so that the snappy rhyming title implied his imminent death?

(Not that knowing Bill's impending demise ever took away from the sheer awesomeness that was Uma Thurman's rampage.)

'The Empire Strikes Back'

You don't just blow up the Death Star and get away with it, especially when it happens in the first part of a trilogy.

But if you had any doubts that part two (or part five for purists) was going to focus on the bad guys taking their revenge, the title should have put those to rest.

Of course, they could have really spoiled things with a title like 'Empire Strikes Back by Slicing Off Luke's Hand and Revealing Darth Vader's His Dad.'

'Saving Private Ryan'

Granted this could have been more obvious is they called it 'We Saved Private Ryan,' but the title they went with is still pretty revealing.

They find Private Ryan, and he is saved, which, though expected, is quite an achievement considering the staggering amount of death and destruction in the film.

'The Virgin Suicides'

Notice this is called 'The Virgin Suicides,' plural. So when the film opens with the one of the five Lisbon sisters throwing herself out of her window on onto an iron fence, don't expect the self-inflicted death to stop any time soon.

By the end, all five girls have offed themselves. (Although, the title is somewhat misleading considering Kirsten Dunst's character was far from a virgin.)

'The Way We Were'

If you ever watch 'The Way We Were' with someone and he/she gets really upset at the fact that Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand don't end up happily ever after together, just explain to him/her that the movie's called 'The Way We Were' not 'The Way We Are.'

'Death of a Salesman'

Despite its beginnings on the stage under the guidance of esteemed playwright and former Mr.-Marilyn-Monroe Arthur Miller, 'Death of a Salesman' is not a grand, symbolic title.

Well, it might bet for some, but it's also quite literal. Find the salesman (Willy Loman) and get comfortable with his downfall because, as the title suggests, he's the one who dies in the end.

'And Then There Were None'

It's a simple numbers game in this Agatha Christie murder mystery. One by one, a carefully selected group of vacationing individuals gets picked off until there are 'none' left.

She could have called it 'Everyone Dies' but 'And Then There Were None' just sounds so much cooler.

'Eating Raoul'

As far-out as it seems, 'Eating Raoul' is as literal a title as it gets.

If you haven't seen this 1982 dark comedy, let's just say there's a character named Raoul and he gets served up 'Soylent Green' style and eaten.

Those were the movie titles that give away the ending...

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