QUIZ: Can You Guess The Movie By Its Tagline?

the avengers robert downey jr. iron man

Photo: Marvel / Disney

All year long we’re bombarded with marketing for movies, but how well do they actually stick?We’ve stripped some of the biggest blockbusters – and bombs – of 2012 down to their taglines and a zoomed in glimpse of a memorable image or poster from the film. (In case you’re truly stumped, we’ve provided hints with each photo, too.)

Be careful. We’ve added a few classics to the mix to keep you on your toes.

See how well you know some of the biggest movies of the year.

Hint: Stanley Tucci rocks blue hair.

Hint: Don't make the green guy angry.

Hint: Bruce Willis vs. Bruce Willis ... sort of.

Hint: One of the biggest box-office busts of the year.

Hint: Before Frodo wore 'the precious' his uncle found it.

Hint: It's not 'The Bourne Legacy.' Think superhero.

Hint: Johnny Depp wishes he had hands.

Hint: We're batty if we give you a clue for this one.

Hint: The director won best picture and director over her ex-husband James Cameron in 2010.

Hint: Don't let the photo fade.

Hint: Not 'Back to the Future.'

Hint 2: Involves aliens.

Now, can you guess which ones cost the most to make?

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