17 Movie Stars Coming To TV This Year

Frank underwood president house of cardsHouse of Cards/NetflixThanks to Kevin Spacey’s performance on ‘House of Cards’ TV is no longer movie’s ‘little brother.’

With the success of shows like True Detective and House of Cards, television continues to erase its reputation as film’s kid brother.

It’s no longer a step backwards for big screen stars to give TV a shot, and the 2014 pilot season proves just how willing movie types are to make the jump to the smaller screen.

1. Halle Berry

Show: Extant

The Pitch: After spending a year in space where she lived and conducted strange experiments, astronaut Molly Watts tries to resume a normal life with her family.

Network: CBS

Premiere: July 2

2. Katie Holmes

Show: TBA

The Pitch: Katie Holmes stars in a Dangerous Liaisons-seque high society drama.

Network: ABC

Premiere: TBA

3. Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, and Taylor Kitsch

Show: The Normal Heart

The Pitch: A gay activist attempts to raise HIV/AIDS awareness during the early 1980s.

Network: HBO

Premiere: May 25

4. Viola Davis

Show: How to Get Away with Murder

The Pitch: The people behind Scandal, bring a sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defence professor.

Network: ABC

Premiere: TBA

5. Josh Hartnett & Eva Green

Show: Penny Dreadful

The Pitch: A psychological thriller set in Victorian London, where some of literature's scariest creations (Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein, etc.) walk among us.

Network: Showtime

Premiere: May 11

6. Billy Bob Thornton

Show: Fargo

The Pitch: A serialized version of the Coen brother's movie in which drifter named Lorne Malvo (Thornton) arrives in small-town Minnesota and influences the population with his malice and violence, including put-upon insurance salesman (Martin Freeman)

Network: FX

Premiere: April 15

7. Jamie Lee Curtis

Show: Only Human

The Pitch: A family with quadruplets who took part in a reality TV show now seek out professional lives, including working with their physician mum at a hospital.

Network: CBS

Premiere: TBA

8. Jamie Bell

Show: Turn

The Pitch: Set during the Revolutionary War, the show follows a group of childhood friends who become spies fighting for American independence.

Network: AMC

Premiere: April 6

9. Ryan Phillippe & Juliette Lewis

Show: Secrets & Lies

The Pitch: Phillippe plays the father of a murdered boy, and Lewis plays the detective convinced he's the killer.

Network: ABC

Premiere: TBA

10. Terrence Howard

Show: Empire

The Pitch: A family drama centered around the owner of a hip-hop record label.

Network: Fox

Premiere: TBA

11. Justin Long

Show: Sober Companion

The Pitch: A self-destructive attorney is issued a a court-appointed 'sober companion' to make sure he stays clean.

Network: CBS

Premiere: TBA

12. Taye Diggs

Show: Murder in the First

The Pitch: A single murder case is dissected from the commitment of the crime through the investigation, arrest, and trial.

Network: TNT

Premiere: June 9

13. Kal Penn

Show: Battle Creek

The Pitch: Kal Penn will star as one of two detectives in Vince Gilligan's new drama about cops with different views on the world who team up to clean up the streets of Battle Creek.

Network: CBS

Premiere: TBA

14. Greta Gerwig

Show: How I Met Your Dad

The Pitch: A self-explanatory spinoff of How I Met Your Mother.

Network: CBS

Premiere: TBA

15. Octavia Spencer

Show: Red Band Society

The Pitch: The Oscar-winner will play a nurse at a hospital where group of teenagers who meet as patients in the children's wing of a hospital and become unlikely allies.

Network: Fox

Premiere: TBA

16. Ian McKellen

Show: Vicious

The Pitch: A tour through the lives of an ageing gay couple who love to entertain guests between trading insults with one another.

Network: PBS

Premiere: July 6

17. Ari Graynor

Show: Bad Teacher

The Pitch: Ari Graynor (The Sitter, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) takes on the role Cameron Diaz made famous in the movie version of Bad Teacher.

Network: CBS

Premiere: April 24

Now that you've seen who will grace the small screen this year ...

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