30 of your favourite movie posters have been recreated using only emoji

This Emoji Mosaic generator makes it easy to turn any image into a piece of emoji art — so we emoji-fied the posters from 30 of our favourite movies.

Engineered by New York Times web developer Eric Andrew Lewis, the website renders any image into piece of emoji artwork.

We used it to turn Harry Potter, Darth Vader, and even the cast of “Mean Girls” into awesome emoji masterpieces.

Emoji are so popular, they’re even getting their own movie. While we wait for the all-emoji flick, these posters should tide you over.

Here's the regular 'Frozen' poster.


And here's the emoji mosaic version. Do you wanna build an emoji snowman?

Disney/Emoji Mosaic

Seth Rogen and James Franco looking stoic on the poster for 'The Interview.'

Sony Pictures

The poster looks a little less serious made out of hundreds of smiley faces.

Sony Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

1991 Academy Award winner 'The Silence of the Lambs.'

Orion Pictures

Look closely at the butterfly in the mosaic version of the poster. Can you spot the tiny pumpkin emoji?

Orion Picuter/IMDB/Emoji Mosaic

Pixar's 'Inside Out' is all about the brightly coloured voice's inside a young girl's head.


The colourful characters translate excellently to emoji art.


The ultimate superhero squad from 'Avengers: Age of Ultron.'


Here's the emoji version of the Marvel poster.

Marvel/Emoji Mosaic

This is the poster from Steven Spielberg's classic 'E.T.'

Universal Pictures

The emoji mosaic E.T. and Elliott's bike flight includes tons of different blue emoji.

Universal Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

The poster from 'The Empire Strikes Back.'


Darth Vader seems a little less villainous with the addition of a few monkey emoji.

Lucasfilm/Emoji Mosaic

The poster from 'Mean Girls,' starring Lindsay Lohan.

Paramount Pictures

Lohan and her friends looks just as 'plastic' with hair made of doughnut emoji.

Paramount Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

Marlon Brando as 'The Godfather.'

Paramount Pictures

As they say in 'The Godfather,' 'Leave the gun, take the emoji.' Or something like that.

Paramount Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis on the poster for 'Top Gun.'

Paramount Pictures

The emoji version of the 'Top Gun' poster is on fire. Literally. Check out all the fire emoji in this shot.

Paramount Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

'Jaws' has been striking fear into the hearts of beach-goers everywhere since it was released in 1975.

Universal Pictures

If you look carefully, some sections of the ocean are actually emoji of a person swimming. We'd hate to be that emoji.

Universal Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

Here's the poster for 'Grey Gardens,' which featured Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.


Drew Barrymore's face gets an edible emoji makeover in the mosaic version. Look for drumstick emoji.

HBO/Emoji Mosaic

Ashton Kutcher starred as Steve Jobs in this 2013 biopic.

Open Road Films

We think the Apple founder would like his emoji rendering.

Open Road Films/Emoji Mosaic

'Finding Nemo' swam into theatres in 2003.


Even made of emoji, Crush the turtle looks chill.

Pixar/Emoji Mosaic

The poster from movie-musical 'Grease.'

Paramount Pictures

Emoji is the word in this version of the poster.

Paramount Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

Tom Hanks won an Academy Award playing the titular role in 'Forrest Gump.'

Paramount Pictures

Here's the iconic park bench scene re-imagined with emoji.

Paramount Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

Here's the 'Jurassic Park' poster you might remember from 1993.

Universal Pictures

And here's the emoji mosaic of dinosaur flick. The contrast between the red and black sections look great as emoji.

Universal Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

The boring, non-emoji poster for 'The Shawshank Redemption.'

Columbia Pictures

That's better.

Columbia Pictures/Emoji mosaic

'The Goonies' gang searching for treasure.

Warner Bros.

Can you spot the poop emoji in this image?

Warner Bros./Emoji Mosaic

Here's the poster for 'The Dark Knight,' starring Christian Bale.

Warner Bros.

The face with heart eyes emoji seems a little out of place in this epic poster.

Warner Bros./Emoji Mosaic

'Harry Potter' and his Hogwarts friends.

Warner Bros.

Emoji make this poster even more magical.

Warner Bros./Emoji Mosaic

Joaquin Phoenix's eyes are entrancing on this poster from 'Her.'

Warner Bros.

The emoji mosaic uses frying pan emoji for Phoenix's pupils.

Warner Bros./Emoji Mosaic

Here's the poster from the classic 'Gone With The Wind.'

Loew's, Inc.

Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh done over in emoji.

Loew's, Inc./Emoji Mosaic

'We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.'

Warner Bros.

Just follow the yellow brick emoji to find Oz.

Warner Bros./Emoji Mosaic

Classical music fans might recognise this poster from 'Amadeus.'

Orion Pictures

Here's the same poster, with an emoji-fied Antonio Salieri.

Orion Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

The iconic rose from 'American Beauty.'

DreamWorks Pictures

Who knew emoji could look so sensual.

DreamWorks Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

Here's the original release poster from Disney's 'The Lion King.'


Pride Rock looks just a majestic land made of emoji instead of actual rocks.

Disney/Emoji Mosaic

Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film 'Pulp Fiction.'

Miramax Films

Yellow hearts, piano keys, and doughnuts are just of a few of the emoji in this version.

Miramax Films/Emoji Mosaic

The poster from the 2011 comedy 'Bridesmaids.'

Universal Pictures

Wedding tip: bridesmaids dresses look even better made of pink emoji instead of taffeta.

Universal Pictures/Emoji Mosaic

Get excited for Disney's 'Alice Through The Looking Glass,' which comes out next year.


Until then, here's an emoji version of the poster.

Disney/Emoji Mosaic

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