UH OH: Movie Popcorn Butter Linked To Alzheimer's

popcornBut it tastes so good…

Photo: Wikipedia

Need another reason besides the price and calories to skip the popcorn next time you head to the multiplex?How about this: The artificial butter you’ve been putting on your popcorn may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease, according to a University of Minnesota study.

The study says diacetyl, the flavoring that produces the buttery flavour and smell, increases the level of beta-amyloid protein clumping, “a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Diacetyl also easily passes through the blood-brain barrier, which is supposed to keep harmful substances away from the brain. 

“In light of the chronic exposure of industry workers to diacetyl, this study raises the troubling possibility of long-term neurological toxicity mediated by diacetyl,” said the researchers in a statement. 

In 2007 and 2008, several microwave popcorn brands removed dactyl from their products

So maybe stick to the Mild Duds and large soda this weekend.

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