I moved from NYC to Denver and fell in love with a pizza style I never heard of

The author eating NYC and Colorado-style pizza.
The author eating NYC and Colorado-style pizza. Monica Humphries/Insider
  • I moved from NYC to Denver fearful I wouldn’t find the same delicious pizza I had grown to love.
  • Then I learned about Colorado-style pizza. It’s served by the pound with a side of honey
  • While it won’t replace a good NYC slice, I have a newfound love for Colorado-style pizza.

I’ve devoured a lot of melted cheese, tomato sauce, and dough in my life.

In college, my late-night, way-too-frequent go-to was a hot slice from Gainesville’s famed Italian Gator Pizza in Florida.

I didn’t think my pizza consumption could increase. Then, I moved to New York City.

Two famous NYC pizzerias.
Two famous NYC pizzerias. Monica Humphries/Insider

For three years, I ate my way through the five borough’s famous and not-so-famous pizza shops.

Before packing up and moving to Denver, Colorado, I dragged my friends on a pizza crawl across NYC and stopped at some of the city’s most popular pizzerias. I feared that I wouldn’t have a good slice of ‘za anytime soon.

I moved to Denver and quickly learned about Colorado-style pizza

Colorado-style pizza.
The pizza had 12 narrow and thick slices. Monica Humphries/Insider

Also called Colorado mountain pie, Colorado-style is an entirely different type of pizza. Its inventor, Beau Jo’s, a pizzeria in Idaho Springs, Colorado, created the pizza in 1973, according to Uncover Colorado.

The most confusing aspect of a mountain pie is that it’s served by the pound.

The pizza also has a thick, thick crust. It’s the pie’s “built-in dessert” since it’s served with a side of honey, Beau Jo’s website states.

On a recent trip across the state, a few friends and I made a pit stop to give the pizza a shot.

I was skeptical of pizza served by the pound

The pizza was thick.
Colorado-style may be the thickest pizza I’ve ever consumed. Monica Humphries/Insider

We sat around a table contemplating how many pounds of pizza we could each eat.

It’s a factor I’m not sure I want to think about before scarfing down greasy food. Could I eat an entire pound of pizza in one sitting?

I guessed yes. And since the pizza comes in 1, 2, 3, or 5-pound (2kg) options, we opted for the largest cheese pie.

When the pizza arrived, its size wasn’t shocking, but its thickness was.

Each one of the 12 slices looked small – unlike an NYC slice that falls off the edge of your plate.

A few bites in, and I realized it was a lot of pizza. It seemed like the same amounts of cheese and sauce on a normal slice were just packed into a smaller surface area.

It’s a complete 180 from the NYC slice, but I fell in love

Squeezing honey onto my plate and enjoying the cheesy pizza.
I always love a sweet-and-salty combination, so Colorado pizza didn’t disappoint. Monica Humphries/Insider

I’m the person at the end of a meal that steals the crust from others’ plates. I’m also the type of person who loves a salty-sweet combination.

With its Instagram-worthy cheese pulls and warm, fluffy crust, a Colorado mountain pie is my ideal pizza. Although I found the tomato sauce to be a touch too sweet, I loved having the side of honey.

I polished off three slices, estimating that I ate about 1.25 pounds (0kg) of pizza.

While a Colorado-style pizza won’t replace my beloved NYC slice, I plan to happily devour pounds and pounds of pizza while living in Denver.