Move Over Sulzbergers…New Media Dynasty In Town

Quick–name a New York family in the which the patriarchs of not one but two generations have each founded red-hot New York new media companies: 

Sulzberger?  No. 

Bancroft?  Definitely, no. 

Hint: They work out of a sprawling loft space in SOHO, with their desks less than a hundred feet apart.

Give up?

Lerer–as in father Kenneth and son Benjamin.  As old line media families die off with their crumbling dead-tree and airwave properties, it’s time to meet the patriarchs of New York’s new family media dynasty.  Here are the snapshots:

Lerer Pere:             Kenneth
Company:               Huffington Post
Title:                      Co-Founder and CEO
Partners:                Arianna Huffington, Bob Pittman, Softbank Capital, Greycroft
NY Jobs Created:    43 (and counting)
Traffic:                    3.5 million visitors a month
SAI Est. Co Value:    $60 million
SAI Est. Stake:           25%

Lerer Fils:               Benjamin
Company:               Thrillist
Title:                      Co-Founder and CEO
Partners:                 Pilot Group
NY Jobs Created:    Est. 7 (and counting)
Traffic:                      135,000 email subscribers
SAI Est. Co Value:       $15 million
SAI Est. Stake:            25%

Father Kenneth founded Huffington Post with Arianna Huffington in 2005, after leaving his post as executive vice president at AOL Time Warner.  Son Benjamin founded Thrillist shortly after graduating from college and seeing friends rush off to become cogs in the Wall Street machine.  Watching his son’s success–relative and absolute–makes father Kenneth as proud as can be.


The most recent available photo of publicity shy Kenneth, shown here with his daughter (name withheld), is circa 1985:



The most recent available photo of not-quite-so-publicity-shy Benjamin is…well, take your pick from the dozens on Flickr.  Here’s a representative one:


Both Lerer men, we’re happy to report, have been named to our soon-to-be-released (and desperately awaited) list of New York digital moguls and power-brokers, the SA 100.

Photo: Amit Gupta