Move over millennials: You're already obsolete

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Step aside millennials!

You’re already toast in the eyes of advertisers.

The new hot thing? “Centennials.”

What’s a centennial? A younger, better version of a millennial.

We first learned about centennials today when Snapchat, The Daily Mail, and WPP teamed up to create a new advertising agency called “Truffle Pig.”

The companies will be working on “native advertising” or “content marketing.” That’s industry lingo for ads that look like regular stories.

They will be targeting Snapchat, which has an audience of 100 million daily users. The hope is to create advertising that fits naturally in the flow of Snapchat.

While announcing the new partnership, Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP didn’t even waste his time talking about millennials.

“If you look at the data that our own futures group has produced, on the media habit of centennials — [people aged 0-18] — their attitude to Snapchat is markedly different from Facebook, so that seems to indicate generational changes,” he told our reporter, Lara O’Reilly.

“Facebook is the largest country on the planet [in terms of users], but maybe centennials don’t want that. They want ‘Mission Impossible’ [style] destruction. They want to keep stuff away from the prying eyes of others, family, and whatever else. But whatever the reason is, it’s different. Therefore it’s volatile. It indicates there’s volatility, and it pays to be involved.”

Sorrell runs the world’s largest ad company and the fact that he’s talking about the 0-18 group is telling.

Sure, some advertisers are still going to be going after millennials, but it’s clear their days are numbered.

Get ready for the centennials, they now run the world.

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