This Australian mouth spray company plans to create a formulation to fight cancer

Ben Smith of the All Blacks gets a spray to the mouth from a team trainer. Photo: Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

Suda has a mouth spray for erectile disfunction and a mouth spray for malaria — and now it’s planning a mouth spray to fight cancer.

Oral spray maker Suda (ASX:SUD) has agreed to buy an anti-thombotic (blood-clotting) agent anagrelide and now plans to add it to its mouth spray technology.

“Anagrelide is currently used as an anti-thrombotic agent to reduce elevated levels of platelets,” Suda told investors.


“Scientists have identified that platelets also provide essential growth factors that nourish cancer cells and enable them to take hold and develop into tumours.

“Hence, those patients with the highest platelet numbers are least likely to survive.”

Right now anagrelide is limited as an anti-cancer drug because of side effects that include heart palpitations. Suda reckons it can minimise this.

Suda has developed a method of delivering drugs via a spray, so they are absorbed into the bloodstream via the soft, muscus-covered tissues in the mouth.

It already has a viagra spray under way.

Others include malaria and epilepsy and the insomnia pill Zolpidem — which Tiger Woods had in his system when arrested for driving offences in May (and to spice up his love life back in 2009).

Suda will exercise an option to buy the anagrelide intellectual property from UK-based Aluztra Bio after deciding it was possible to turn the chemical into a mouth spray.

Aluztra Bio will receive “low single digit” royalties on direct sales or a share of income generated.

Suda has been contacted for comment.

The company’s share price has never regained the heady heights of 2014 and 2015 when it was developing the ArTiMist malaria spray.

The shares were flat on Tuesday morning at 1.8c — near the bottom of their 52-week trading range of 1.5c-2.8c — valuing the company at $22 million.

This article first appeared at Stockhead. See the original here.

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