There's A Plastic Surgery To Make You Look Like You're Always Smiling

A Reddit thread pointed us to a growing trend in Asia: Mouth corner lift surgery.

This is where tiny incisions in the corners of the lip are used to raise the sides of the mouth.

A photo posted by Reddit user anthissomesh*t, shows a woman with very pronounced, Joker-like mouth curls, but we can’t verify its authenticity.

According to a video produced by Aone Plastic Surgery in South Korea, this procedure (called a “Smile Lipt” because it combines lip and lift) corrects “drooping” mouth corners and enables people to look like they are smiling without actually smiling.

The cosmetic procedure is ideal for patients with sagging or asymmetric mouth corners or people who are not confident with their smiles, the video says.

South Korea’s penchant for plastic surgery is well-known. In the country’s capital of Seoul, one and five women have had some type of procedure.

The below before and after pictures of a woman who received Smile Lipt surgery were featured by Aone in their video.

Here’s the before:

And after:

Watch the video below to learn more about the surgery:

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