14 Hidden Features In Apple's New Operating System For Mac

mountain lion

Mountain Lion arrived yesterday and on the whole, we’re impressed with what we see.

For example, you can tweet directly from the new Notification centre and share files from almost any app on your computer.

And if you want to, you’ll never have to type another word again.

Here’s how to do it.

Never type another word again

If you enable dictation in System Preferences, you can speak and have your computer turn your words into text. This works across applications, regardless of if Apple made it or not. Double tap the function key to activate voice dictation.

Note: you have to be connected to the Internet for this feature to work.

Annotate your images in Preview

Notice the 'Annotate' option in Preview's Tools menu -- now you can throw custom text onto any image

Take advantage of the integrated sharing tool

There is sharing functionality built all over Mountain Lion. Just look for the arrow icon to share your data over any one of a number of networks.

Run the same apps on multiple Macs

With this option enabled, apps you buy on one Mac can be automatically downloaded to your other computers.

Location-based reminders

Here's a bit of iOS functionality making its way to the desktop -- your computer can remind you of things based on where you are.

Tweet from the Notification centre

Once you configure Mountain Lion to work with your Twitter account, it's a snap to tweet. Just click the button at the top of the Notification centre to fire off a tweet.

Search Launchpad

If you've got loads of apps in Launchpad, you can use the search box at the top of the screen to find the one you're looking for.

Search from Safari's address bar

One of our favourite features from Chrome has arrived in Safari -- enter your search terms in the address bar to perform a web search.

An easier way to access your Notification centre

You can bring it up by using Hot Corners -- once activated, you can put your mouse into one of your monitor's corners to summon the Notification centre.

Never worry about updating software again

You can configure your computer to automatically download software updates as they become available.

Mirror your computer on your TV

This won't work with all Macs, but on newer computers, you can set your Apple TV up to essentially turn your television into a computer monitor over a Wi-Fi network. It's a pretty great way to watch movies and play games.

customise text in Notes

You're no longer relegated to one font at one size with one colour. Go nuts with huge colourful text if you want.

Rename files inside of an app

All you have to do here is click on the file name at the top of an app, select 'Rename,' then type in the new file name.

Put your dashboard widgets into folders

This works exactly as it does in iOS -- click and hold on a widget until it shakes. Drag one on top of another and a folder is automatically created.

Now that you're running Mountain Lion, you should install some great apps

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