SCREENSHOTS: Check Out What Apple's New Mountain Lion Operating System Can Do

macbook air running mountain lion

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Apple’s new operating system for Macs, called Mountain Lion, is available starting today as a $20 upgrade in the Mac App Store.According to the first round of reviews, its worth the price.

So what does Mountain Lion look like? We’ve been playing around with the new OS for a few hours. Check out our screenshot tour below.

From here you can sync your iCloud account, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Twitter, and more. All you have to do is click on a service and log in with your credentials for each one.

After you log in to iCloud, check the features you want to sync. If you have an iPhone or iPad, your changes will appear on each device.

If you log in with Twitter, you'll be able to get notifications when you get a new mention or message (more on that later) and share web pages and photos without opening a separate Twitter app.

Here's an example of the notifications options you have. (We'll show you what this looks like in a minute.)

Some apps like Twitter will have a few options. We selected to be notified whenever we get a mention or direct message.

Here's what the banner notification looks like when you get a new email.

If you click the icon in the very top right of your screen, you can see the Notifications centre. It looks very similar to the one on your iPhone and iPad. If you click the email message here, Mountain Lion will launch Mail so you can read the message.

This is what it looks like when you get a new Twitter mention or message.

Another look at the Notifications centre. This is how Mountain Lion organizes notifications from different apps. Let's click the recent mention we got from Twitter.

Weird, it takes us to We wish we could go to the Twitter app or TweetDeck instead.

You can also send a tweet from the Notifications centre.

Here's what it looks like. It's pretty handy if you don't have the Twitter app open.

Here's what it looks like. You can also print the article from here.

This icon lets you share websites from Safari over email, Messages (more on that app later), and Twitter. Let's try Twitter.

This little window is called a Share Sheet. You can see the website attached. Type your message and send it off to Twitter.

Now let's take a look at Messages, the new app that replaces iChat. It works with Google Talk, AIM, and other popular chat platforms. But it also works with iMessage on your iPhone and iPad.

It's really easy to set up a new account. Let's try AIM.

Here's what Messages looks like. We're big fans of the layout.

Finally, here are a few more iOS apps that made their way to the desktop. You can now access Notes, Reminders, and Game centre in Mountain Lion. Everything syncs with your iPhone or iPad thanks to iCloud.

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