Mountain Dew's weird 'Puppy Monkey Baby' Super Bowl ad completely split viewers' opinions

 Mountain Dew hasn’t advertised in the Super Bowl for 15 years.

So its return to the big game needed to be something special.

The ad was certainly different. And it’s completely divided opinion. Some people think it’s the best of the game. Whereas others think it’s the stuff of nightmares.

The 30-second spot depicts a “Puppy Monkey Baby” — a hybrid creature drawing on some of the best stars Super Bowl ads of previous years. 

It promotes a new beverage called Kickstart, that combines Mountain Dew, juice, and caffeine — a hybrid of three “awesome” things that are better combined, according to the ad.

The Frankenstein-esque Puppy Monkey Baby monster prowls around a living room, repeating the words “puppy monkey baby.” 

Then the creature licks a man’s face.


The surreal spot was polarising. Judging by the Twitter response, people either loved it or hated it:






Whatever way,  it grabbed attention. The #PuppyMonkeyBaby hashtag was trending on Twitter long after the ad aired.

NOW WATCH: PuppyMonkeyBaby: This Super Bowl ad is incredibly polarising

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