Mountain biking is the 'new golf' for Wellington's tech execs

While many members of San Francisco’s tech community kiteboard and Sydney’s tech execs surf, many of Wellington’s tech people mountain bike.

It’s one trend Wellington Council has noticed and is throwing money at establishing the scene in the New Zealand capital.

“We’re looking at a mountain bike proposal which would make us the mountain biking capital city of the world,” councillor Jo Coughlin said.

While New Zealand has a bunch of mountain biking tracks, not a lot are based around the main cities.

“It turns out, a whole lot of the people who work in these technology businesses love biking,” she said. “A lot of them are guys and they love it.”

There’s a big track network around the mountains which rise above Wellington (which you can check out here). What the council wants to do is connect them up and make sure people know about them.

“It’s sort of the new golf,” Coughlin said.

Back in Australia, a slightly tamer version of cycling is a regular networking opportunity for a bunch of execs — including Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

It’s a way to get out of the office, stay fit and is slightly more time-efficient than an afternoon round on the golf course.

You can read more about the cycling trend here.

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