Motorola's New Android Phone Looks Like A BlackBerry

Motorola Charm

Look out, RIM… Motorola’s newest Android phone is going after the mid-to-low-end BlackBerry buyer, which has fuelled a lot of RIM’s growth in the last few years.

The new Motorola Charm will go on sale at T-Mobile this summer. If it’s cheap enough, and if T-Mobile’s salespeople push it, it might effectively compete with RIM devices and all the popular non-smartphone messaging phones. (It would be helpful if T-Mobile followed AT&T’s lead and offered a cheaper entry-level data plan, if it really wanted to move these types of phones.)

This is one of the first Android devices we’ve seen that specifically doesn’t take its design cues from Apple’s iPhone. That could be a good thing, if consumers are looking for something different.

But the new Charm further segments the Android app market. We wonder how most Android apps — which are designed for tall, portrait displays — will work on this landscape-oriented screen.

Motorola Charm - Front

Motorola Charm - Angle

Motorola Charm - Angle

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