Motorola Will Launch A Smartwatch This Year, Too

MOTOACTVMOTOACTVThis is the MotoACTV — Motorola’s last attempt at a wearable.

It looks like Motorola will be staying on top of the wearable revolution: It, too, plans to launch a smartwatch later this year.

Senior Vice President Rick Osterloh announced the news at a panel discussion at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, according to The Verge.

The company’s last attempt at a wearable — the Motorola MotoActv — flopped, but Osterloh says that this new device will be more stylish and will have much better battery life.

We don’t know exactly when the smartwatch will launch and for what price, but this is definitely a hot year for smartwatches. Samsung will be launching two new watches in April. Pebble just jazzed up its watch with its latest iteration, the Pebble Steel. Google’s smartwatch should be unveiled in June, and rumours of Apple’s smartwatch have been brewing for months.

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