Motorola Shipped A Measley 1 Million Tablets In 2011


[credit provider=”Steve Kovach, The Business Insider”]

Motorola’s earnings for last quarter are out, and it includes some shipping figures for all of 2011.The big (or small) number: Motorola only shipped 1 million tablets in 2011. Again, that’s shipped not sold.

Motorola says it shipped 200,000 tablets last quarter. Compare that to the 15 million iPads Apple sold during the same period.

Motorola got the ball rolling with the first Google-sanctioned Android tablet, the Xoom, in February.

Besides the poor reviews, it took Motorola several more more months to finally provide Xoom with the promised upgrade that allows it to connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Motorola released two new tablet models, the Xyboard, last month. Those were also panned by reviewers for being too pricey compared to the competition.