Motorola Reorgs Gear Business, Prepping For Sales?

Motorola (MOT) is already working on spinning off its declining mobile phone business. Will it sell some of its network infrastructure businesses too — or instead?

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The company is in the process of carving up its second largest division, “Home and networks mobility,” into three divisions, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new business units:

  • Cable set-top boxes, modems, infrastructure, and other digital/Internet video gear, led by John Burke.
  • Cellular network infrastructure, led by Fred Wright.
  • Next-gen wireless network infrastructure, including WiMax and LTE, temporarily being led by Dan Moloney, currently head of the entire Home and networks mobility division.

This could lead to sales of the individual divisions, or as one analyst hypothesizes to the WSJ, a potential “reverse spinoff” in which Motorola keeps its mobile phone business by getting rid of everything else.

We expect to hear more about this — and other restructuring-related issues, like whether Motorola’s hired a CEO for its mobile phone division yet — during the company’s Q2 earnings call on Thursday. We’ll be covering it LIVE here at 8 a.m. ET.

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