Motorola Is Trying To Erase The Sex Jokes It Made While Marketing The Moto X

Motorola has been building up hype for the Moto X, its first smartphone since Google bought the company. And the marketing campaign has been pretty heavy with its use of sexual double entendres.

For example, this afternoon Motorola tweeted out a photo of the phone with a customised back casing with the message, “Yep. We’ve got wood.” (No explanation necessary.)

But once the Internet started picking up on all the risqué humour, things started changing on Motorola’s site that’s dedicated to the Moto X.

Matthew Panzarino of The Next web noticed that “Motorola replaced the penis joke on the Moto X page with a … goldilocks reference?”

Here’s the original image:

And here’s what’s on the site now:

A stranger double entendre.

A similar thing happened with another image.

To advertise Moto X’s touch-free voice control, Motorola wrote “Touch each other, not phones. Moto X responds to your voice, no touching necessary. (That’s what she said.)”

Yes, it actually threw in a “that’s what she said” joke just so consumers knew that the prior sentence was laced with sexual implications.

Click to enlarge:

Now Motorola took the “That’s what she said” line off the image online to be less explicit.

Who wants to read between the lines?

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