We may have our clearest look yet at the resurrected Motorola Razr, the next major foldable smartphone expected this summer

Slashleaks/WeiboMotorola’s new foldable phone appears to look very much like the original Razr smartphone.
  • Motorola is bringing back its iconic Razr phone, but this time as a folding smartphone.
  • Motorola has confirmed that it’s working on a foldable phone, but the leaked image above appears to be our first clear look at the second major foldable smartphone of 2019.
  • The device shares the characteristic shape and form factor of the original Razr.
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The classic Razr flip phone is making a triumphant return, only this time as a foldable smartphone.

And we now seem to have gotten our first good look at Motorola’s major relaunch of the classic device, which previously showed up only in patent filings.

Razr smartphoneSlashleaks/WeiboThe old Razr, left, and what appears to be the new Razr.

The image above on the right comes from the Chinese social network Weibo. It was removed, but not before Slashleaks picked it up alongside a handful of other images of the device and its packaging.

There’s no guarantee that the images are legitimate, so take the leak with a grain of salt. Still, the images appear to show off the phone’s folding ability:

Razr smartphone (leak)Slashleaks/WeiboStrange looking, no?

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, the new Motorola Razr seems to open into a more standard, vertical orientation for smartphones. It looks very much like the original Razr smartphone – specifically, the Motorola Razr V3.

The hinge is in the center from a vertical orientation, which enables it to flip open in the same way the Razr V3 phone did.

The new images line up directly with the patent images spotted earlier this year:

Moto razr v4 3WIPO

Motorola, which is owned by Lenovo, has yet to officially debut the new Razr, though it did confirm work on a foldable smartphone earlier this year.

Additionally, we already know a few things about the device:

  • It’s expected to cost about $US1,500.
  • The specs are said to be less-than-bleeding-edge.
  • It’s expected to arrive this summer.

The leaked images suggest the new Razr will come with USB-C charging and a dongle adaptor for using standard headphones. A Motorola representative told Business Insider, “It is exciting to see consumer love around the Motorola Razr, however, it is our policy to neither confirm nor deny rumours.”

To see all the images, head over to Slashleaks.

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