People are roasting Motorola's new phone for looking like an exact copy of the iPhone X

  • Motorola launched a new phone this week, the P30.
  • Promotional images make it look nearly identical to Apple’s marketing for the iPhone X – all the way down to the wallpapers.

If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, you can do worse than the Motorola P30, a roughly $US350 device with some quality parts, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and 128GB of storage.

People might also mistake it for a device that costs three times as much: the $US1,000 Apple iPhone X, which was launched last fall.

Photos of the new China-bound device were made official on Thursday, and not only do the phones share a lot of design details – a vertical camera, a “notch” on the front of the screen – the promotional images look nearly identical. Even the default wallpapers on the two devices are very similar.

There is one way to tell them apart, though: Motorola has a big logo on the front of the device.

Naturally, tech fans and enthusiasts immediately started roasting the Levovo-owned phonemaker for ripping off Apple’s design:

Even the BBC got in on the mockery:

Decide for yourself. Here’s an official image of the Motorola P30:


And here’s Apple’s iPhone X:

Iphonex front back glassApple

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