Motorola Has A Large And Active Installed Base

Apple and Samsung dominate smartphone usage, just as they do with new smartphone sales. But Motorola — now part of Google — is a surprisingly strong number-four. So even though Motorola is lagging in new unit sales, Google has a chance to energize this installed base and get them to consider new phones and tablets.

Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Report for Q1 2012, which was released today. Millennial measures mobile ad impressions on its network by device and operating system type.

This gives a rough proxy of current mobile device usage, as opposed to new unit sales, which are generally used in market share stats. (As in most of these charts.)

Although Millennial operates internationally, these stats mainly represent usage in the United States, where Millennial is strongest — according to its recent IPO filing, only 10% of its revenue comes form international ad operations.

Here are the top 10 manufacturers by market share, in terms of ad impressions delivered. Note that Amazon is in the top 10 thanks to the Kindle Fire.


Ad impressions by mobile manufacturer, Q1 2012

Photo: Millennial Media

Here are the stats by mobile platform. Although Apple is the top manufacturer, Android is the top platform. Blackberry is in a firm #3 spot.

OS mix by impression Q1 2012

Photo: Millennial Media

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