Motorola, Google's New Smartphone Company, Is Having A Huge Problem Upgrading Android Phones

droid razr sanjay jah 4g lte

Photo: Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider

Motorola announced in a brief blog post that some of its smartphones won’t be eligible for upgrades to the newest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich.That’s because Motorola says the update won’t “improve” the devices. It doesn’t give much more detail than that.

We first came across Motorola’s announcement on Engadget.

To say Ice Cream Sandwich won’t improve devices sounds pretty insane to us. It’s full of a ton of awesome features that you won’t find in the older versions of Android. In many ways, Ice Cream Sandwich outshines Apple’s iOS

It gets worse though.

Take a look at Motorola’s upgrade roadmap for Ice Cream Sandwich. Some phones aren’t slated to get the upgrade until Q4 this year. That’ll be almost a full year since Google released Ice Cream Sandwich.

By the time Motorola gets around to upgrading some of its Android phones, Google will have already moved on to the next version of Android.

It’s pretty embarassing that Google’s own hardware company is a year behind with Android updates.

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