Motorola Doesn’t Just Do Android — It Can Also Make Google TV

Sony Google TV remote

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The main story in Google buying Motorola is Android. Another big one is patents–Motorola actually invented the mobile phone 30 years ago, as our friend Dan Frommer points out at SplatF.But there’s another titillating thing Google notes in the blog post explaining the move: “Motorola is also a market leader in the home devices and video solutions business.”

That sounds like something that could help Google TV.

Google TV is Google’s attempt to remake the TV and turn TVs into Internet devices (that way it can get a piece of the TV advertising market, which is still bigger than the internet ad market).

The problem with Google TV, which has also frustrated Apple, is the go to market strategy. With a free, excellent OS, it’s relatively easy for Google to get carriers and OEMs to buy into Android. And so consumers follow.

But where it comes to TV, most people have just one box under their TV. And that box comes from their cable company. And cable companies aren’t going to buy into Google TV, because its goal is to disrupt them and turn them into a dumb pipe. So Google TV has been a flop.

If Motorola already makes a bunch of TV boxes and other home networking devices, that could be a way to get Google TV devices into people’s homes.

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