Motorola Cutting 20% Of Research Division (MOT)

Motorola is cutting a fifth of its research staff — about 120 of 600 positions, RCR Wireless News reports. It’s also reassigning another 180 R&D workers within the businesses they support, like set-top boxes, mobile phones, etc.

The shift comes as Motorola (MOT) prepares to spin off its struggling mobile phone business, for which it’s reportedly close to hiring a CEO.

The research division has gone through an upheaval of its own over the last several months, RCR notes: CTO Padmasree Warrior left Motorola last year for rival Cisco (CSCO), and her successor quit to become CEO of a startup.

Meanwhile, we’d love to know what Motorola’s researchers have been doing since the Razr came out in 2004.

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