Motorola Could Sell 750,000 CLIQs This Year

Motorola’s Google Android-powered CLIQ smartphone, which it unveiled yesterday, looks solid — easily the best looking product the company has produced in years.

Will it sell?

In a note today, RBC analyst Mark Sue estimates that Motorola could ship 750,000 CLIQs in the fourth quarter. That’s pretty good, and could represent about $200 million to $300 million in revenue. (Revenue that Motorola probably wouldn’t see otherwise, given its lousy smartphone lineup to date. And hopefully at a decent margin.)

But as we pointed out yesterday, the CLIQ is one small (though important) step in Motorola’s recovery. It’s still selling a lot of mediocre phones that need to be replaced, and that takes time.

For instance, RBC’s Sue estimates that Motorola will ship 14 million phones during Q4, suggesting that the CLIQ will represent just 5% of its unit sales. The rest is stuff that Motorola mobile phone CEO Sanjay Jha is probably less proud of. (Meanwhile, rivals like Apple and RIM aren’t going to sit around and wait. And Motorola showed off nothing yesterday that they’d be very jealous of.)

Not a knock on Jha — he inherited this mess, he didn’t make it. And everyone has to start somewhere. It’s just going to be a long, slow rebuilding process.

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