Motorola Has A Great Deal For Cyber Monday, You Can't Get It Because The Website Is Down

In honour of Cyber Monday,
Motorolahas revealed a huge sale revolving around the
Moto X.

The focus is on The Moto Maker version and The Developer Edition of the company’s flagship smartphone. We first saw the news on Android Community.

Both devices will be sold unlocked with a $US150 discount for off-contract phones.

For the Moto Maker, this means that the 16 GB Moto Maker will come out to $US350 while the 32 GB model will be $US400. (The Moto Maker edition is the one that lets you customise the phone with different colours through a special website.)

The Developer Edition, which lets developers modify the software if they want to, will start at $US400.

However, Motorola is experiencing some issues on its site.

Motorola has been struggling with incoming traffic revolving around its deals. The amount of traffic entering the website has caused the deals to be posted at a later time. Originally, this special offer was only supposed to last throughout the day. It’s unknown if Motorola will have to extend the Cyber Monday deal.

Fortunately, customers can head to Amazon and to take advantage of some special offers for this phone. The Moto X for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T is currently posted as $US0.01 on contract.

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