11 Must-Read rumours About Motorola's New Moto X Phone

eric schmidt talking on motorola moto xGoogle chairman Eric Schmidt was caught using the Moto X in the wild.

Motorola will formally announce its new flagship phone, the Moto X, on August 1.

But the company hasn’t been shy at all about teasing the device over the last few months. In fact, the company’s press invitation for next week’s announcement shows what the Moto X will look like.

Still, many details on what the Moto X can do have leaked out by now. Let’s take a look.

It'll have a new camera app with an intuitive and minimal interface.

You'll be able to activate the camera app just by quickly twisting the phone.

It will display notifications on your lock screen so you can quickly glance at them.

You'll be able to customise the design with different colours and laser engravings.

It will be manufactured in the U.S.

There's been some chatter that the phone will be very inexpensive, possibly $200 without a carrier contract.

Its internal hardware specs will be relatively weak compared to other top-tier phones, but this is likely to keep the cost of the phone down.

It'll have sensors that can detect if you're in a moving car or standing still.

It'll respond to voice commands even if the screen is switched off.

It'll be announced on August 1, but Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said in May that it wouldn't launch until October. (That could change, of course.)

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