One Of The Best Android Phones Will Be Super Cheap Next Month

Business Insider/ Lisa EadiciccoThe second generation Moto X

If you’re looking to buy a new Android phone sometime soon, you might want to hold off until next month.

Motorola is offering a decent discount that cuts $US140 off any purchase of $US449 or more through its website — meaning you can get the 64GB Moto X off-contract for $US360 instead of $US500 (via The Verge).

The 64GB model is Motorola’s Pure edition of the phone, meaning it comes with a completely clean version of Android that doesn’t include any carrier bloatware.

You can also get the $US400 Moto X with a few accessories at a cheaper price. For example, the 32GB Moto X second-generation Moto X with a $US20 case and Motorola’s Turbo $US35 charger would usually cost $US455. But, during the discount period, you’ll be able to get the phone with those accessories for $US315.

The Nexus 6 is excluded from this deal, however, and you have to register for a special promo code between noon and 1 p.m. Eastern on Feb. 2. Once you have the code, you can place your order anytime before Feb. 14. Motorola is also offering a separate deal that lets you get $US100 of a $US500 purchase and $US35 off a $US250 purchase with no promotion code needed.

When we reviewed the second-generation Moto X, we called it one of the best phones of the year. Even if you don’t get the Pure version, Motorola barely puts any skin over its modified version of Android which makes it much easier to use than some of its competitors.

Motorola’s newer flagship comes with a large full HD screen, a faster processor than its predecessor, and a feature that lets you talk to Google Now without even touching the device. It’s the perfect phone for Android fans that want a simple phone with a great screen that truly feels like a Google-powered device.

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