Here's what Motorola's next smartwatches will look like

Moto 360ShellomotoKThe Moto 360 (left) and the 360S (right)

Leaked pictures of the next generation of Moto 360 have arrived on the Web and appear to show two new sizes: a small model, called the 360S, and a large model, named 360L.

Earlier this month, documents filed to the Brazilian authorities revealed that the next generation of Moto 360 would come in two sizes and the pictures appear to confirm this. Beyond size, the new models look very similar to the old ones, even including the “flat tire” screen where the bottom is cut off.

The documents filed with the Brazilian authorities claim that the Moto 360S and 360L will include Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, and WiFi. The screen sizes of the two new devices are, as yet, unknown with only a comparison between the current 360 and the 360S available.

Moto 360LhellomotoKThe Moto 360L.

The 360L remains far more elusive with the only picture showing the device on a seemingly small wrist. 9to5Google speculates that the Moto 360L will be the same size as the current 360 but with a far sturdier construction.

The new devices are expected to be unveiled at IFA next week in Berlin alongside smartwatches from LG, Samsung and Huawei. Apple’s next Watch is expected to arrive in 2016.

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