The mother of a middle schooler with autism posted a touching thank you to a star Florida State wide receiver for sitting with her son at lunch

Junior Florida State wide receiver Travis Rudolph made a touching gesture at a middle school on Tuesday.

While the Florida State football team visited a local middle school, Rudolph got lunch and noticed a boy sitting alone.

Rudolph went over and sat down with the boy and talked with him as the two ate lunch.

On Tuesday, Leah Paske, a mother in Florida, posted a touching thank you to Rudolph on Facebook, revealing that the boy Rudolph sat with is her son, Bo, and that he has autism. In the moving post, Leah said her son often eats alone and knowing he didn’t on this day made her “exceedingly happy.”

Read her full post below:

In an interview with ESPN, Rudolph said, “I saw [Bo] last and he was sitting by himself. I had got some pizza and I asked him can I sit down with him, and he said ‘Sure, why not?’¬†We went from there, started a great conversation.”

Rudolph continued, “I didn’t even know he had autism, he seemed like a normal kid to me. I mean, he’s still normal, but I’m just saying, I didn’t even know he had that. To find that [out], it’s just a heartbreaking situation, but I’m praying for him. I feel like he’s a great kid overall.”

In 2015, Rudolph had 915 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. Even if he were to top that this season, his kind gesture may be the defining memory of Rudolph.

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