25 Tumblrs That Went Ballistic In 2014

Museum of selfies tumblrMuseum of Selfies, Tumblr‘Museum of Selfies’ was a popular blog this year.

Tumblr is an image-centric platform known for its quirky, shareable content. 

There was a ton of great content created on Tumblr this year, from hilarious Beyonce illustrations to poetic reinterpretations of today’s pop songs.  

The Tumblr team analysed traffic for millions of posts to compile a list of the most popular blogs for 2014. These are the blogs that went absolutely viral this year, attracting thousands of reblogs and fans all over the Internet. 

'If Paintings Could Text' imagines what characters in classic paintings would say if they had iPhones.

On 'Ghost Photographs,' Artist Angela Deane paints on pictures to make figures look like ghosts.

'TL;DR Wikipedia' condenses Wikipedia entries in a humorous way.

On 'Will It Beard?' a man transforms his facial hair into art.

British illustrator Ali Graham imagines Beyonce facing off against zombies on the quirky Tumblr page 'Survivor: Beyonce vs. Zombies.'

The Tumblr 'Source Code in TV and Films' takes screenshots of code that appears in famous movies or TV shows, then explains what it all means.

Will Burn's 'Colourful Gradients' Tumblr generates 48 different colour palettes a day.

'It's Like They Know Us' pokes fun at the unrealistic depictions of motherhood usually found in stock photography.

On 'The Worst Cat' the author mistakes a baby hippo for a hairless, waterborne cat breed.

The 'BOYFRIENDTWIN' Tumblr posts pictures of couples who look eerily alike.

'Pop Sonnets' takes pop songs and turns them into a structured poem.

'The Black Dogs Project' highlights the beauty of black dogs, who tend to take longer to be adopted than other dogs.

'Dimly Lit Meals For One' is a funny take on food photography, poking fun of people who Instagram each of their perfectly crafted meals.

Created by three students at Carleton College in Minnesota, 'Literary Starbucks' imagines what would happen if famous authors and characters placed an order at Starbucks.

'The NYC Crying Guide' is a hilarious Tumblr that gives recommendations for the best places to shed a few tears in New York City.

Episodes of 'Seinfeld' are recreated with digital skeletons on this quirky Tumblr, 'Jerry Seinfeld's Skeleton.'

On 'Museum of Selfies,' creator Olivia Muus positions a phone in front of classic works of art so that it looks like the figure is taking a selfie.

'Drunk Furniture' chronicles what happens when your sofa gets a little too crazy.

Two fashion bloggers recreate Kim and Kanye's best looks on the 'What Would Yeezus Wear?' Tumblr. They also nail the famous couple's facial expressions.

'Cosplay Kids' documents young ones who are pros at cosplay.

'Before Sixteen' highlights the similarities between today's hip-hop icons and pre-16th-century art.

The blog 'If They Gunned Me Down, Which Picture Would They Use?' was built off of the hashtag #iftheygunnedmedown and criticises the media's portrayal of black victims of crime.

Tinder use in Sochi increased dramatically during this year's Winter Olympics. This Tumblr, 'Sochi on Tinder' documents all of the Olympic athletes who have a Tinder profile.

The hilarious Tumblr 'Love, Grampa and Grandmaster Flash' documents grandparents who keep tagging themselves as 'Grandmaster Flash' on Facebook.

Taylor Swift's fans are incredibly loyal to her on Tumblr.

Now see what another celebrity is doing on the side.

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