The 5 most valuable US tech companies are now worth more than $5 trillion after Alphabet’s record close

Sundar Pichai is now CEO of both Google and its parent company Alphabet. REUTERS/Brandon Wade/File Photo

Google-parent Alphabet on Thursday became the fourth US company to reach a $US1 trillion market valuation, pushing the total value of the five biggest tech companies to a record $US5 trillion.

Apple and Microsoft sit well above the $US1 trillion level, surging through the new year after massive gains in 2019. The S&P 500’s information tech sector, which includes the two aforementioned companies, is up more than 5% year-to-date, outperforming all other groups in the benchmark index.

Amazon previously held a market value above the four-comma threshold but has since sank to roughly $US930 billion. Facebook sits at the lowest valuation among the group of five with a market cap of about $US630 billion. Including Facebook in the group drives Big Tech’s collective value above $US5.2 trillion.

CNBC first reported on the milestone valuation for Big Tech.

The record-high valuation for Big Tech arrives amid heightened scrutiny from regulators and US legislators. Calls to break up the most valuable tech firms have taken centre stage at congressional hearings, Democratic primary debates, and in governments abroad as many view the companies as reaching monopolistic levels of influence.

The European Union’s antitrust regulators recently homed in on Big Tech following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the group is now grilling Google over its data collection policies. State attorneys general in the US are also investigating the search engine giant, yet the months of regulatory pressure haven’t held shares down. Alphabet jumped more than 30% in 2019 and is already up nearly 9% in the new year.

Here are the five highest-valued tech companies, ranked in ascending order by market cap. Data is as of market close on January 16.

5. Facebook


Market cap: $US632 billion

Year-to-date performance: up 8.5%

4. Amazon


Market cap: $US931 billion

Year-to-date performance: up 1.7%

3. Alphabet


Market cap: $US1 trillion

Year-to-date performance: up 8.6%

2. Microsoft


Market cap: $US1.27 trillion

Year-to-date performance: up 5.4%

1. Apple


Market cap: $US1.38 trillion

Year-to-date performance: up 8.1%

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