The 20 Most Valuable Brands In The World

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Coca-Cola held out against incredibly hot Apple in the annual brand value ranking from Interbrand.Apple’s value increased an astonishing 129 per cent from last year according to the report, which evaluates the financial performance of branded products and services, the role of brand in purchase decision, and the strength of the brand.

Another big mover was Apple rival Samsung, ranked 9, which was the only non-American company in the top 10.

Coca-Cola was valued at $77.9 billion, which is surprisingly similar to the $74.3 billion value generated by the Brandz ranking earlier this year.

#20 Amazon

$18.6 billion brand value

Up 46 per cent from last year

Ranked 26 last year

Amazon rode the success of the Kindle brand all the way to its spot as the 20th most valuable brand in the world. The Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, which now has the world's second-largest tablet market share, were introduced to 175 countries this year, and they serve as a solid iPad alternative.

Source: Interbrand

#19 Nokia

$21 billion brand value

Down 16 per cent from last year

Ranked 14 last year

Nokia's 2012 fall is closely linked with competitor Samsung's 40 per cent rise in brand value. Samsung has a stronghold in the handset business, and Nokia no longer holds its spot as the world's largest phone manufacturer by volume.

Source: Interbrand

#18 Oracle

$22.1 billion brand value

Up 28 per cent from last year

Ranked 20 last year

Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems helped the brand become one of this year's top risers.

Source: Interbrand

#17 Louis Vuitton

$23.6 billion brand value

Up 2 per cent from last year

Ranked 18 last year

Louis Vuitton has dominated the luxury field both in terms of conquering the digital space with an innovative travel app and conquering new markets. Louis Vuitton was the top gift brand for the Chinese luxury market this year and partnered with the 2012 America's Cup.

Source: Interbrand

#16 Gillette

$24.9 billion brand value

Up 4 per cent from last year

Ranked 16 last year

P&G announced a 10-year sponsorship agreement with the International Olympic Committee this year, linking Gillette to some of the biggest male athletes in the world. Ryan Lochte even got gold-plated, diamond-encrusted razors. Gillette has also increased its shipments by the double digits this year.

Source: Interbrand

#15 Hewlett-Packard

$26.1 billion brand value

Down 8 per cent from last year

Ranked 10 last year

First there was instability in the boardroom. Then there was HP's retreat from mobile devices, losing ground on PCs, and a slow move into enterprise-level services.

Source: Interbrand

#14 Cisco

$27.2 billion brand value

Up 7 per cent from last year

Ranked 13 last year

Rather than just focusing on the switching and router market, Cisco is securing a spot in the B2B market. It's also recently acquired NDS, a leading video software and content security solutions.

Source: Interbrand

#13 Disney

$27.4 billion brand value

Down 5 per cent from last year

Ranked 15 last year

The Disney brand is losing appeal as it struggles to create original content, but it is plugging along with revenue from amusement parks and resorts, movies, merchandise and the Disney channel.

Source: Interbrand

#12 BMW

#11 Mercedes-Benz

#10 Toyota

$30.3 billion brand value

Up 9 per cent from last year

Ranked 11 last year

Toyota's Prius has been carrying the brand as it draws new customers, especially the environmentally-conscious and young crowds, while deepening its connection with existing customers.

Source: Interbrand

#9 Samsung

$32.9 billion brand value

Up 40 per cent from last year

Ranked 17 last year

Beating out Apple and Nokia as the global leader of smartphone shipments in 2011, Samsung and its 19.1 per cent market share was one of the biggest successes of 2012.

Source: Interbrand

#8 Intel

$39.4 billion brand value

Up 12 per cent from last year

Ranked 7 last year

Intel shifted its attention to the user by putting an anthropologist in charge of research and luring executives from Apple and the BBC to crack the markets of smartphones, tablets and home entertainment.

Source: Interbrand

#7 McDonald's

$40.1 billion brand value

Up 13 per cent from last year

Ranked 6 last year

McDonald's now has more than 33,500 restaurants in 119 countries with continuing growth in Asi. Expansion is fosterered by openness to locally relevant menu and service variations.

Source: Interbrand

#6 GE

$43.7 billion brand value

Up 2 per cent from last year

Ranked 5 last year

With GE Works, an integrated communications platform, GE reasserted itself as a global leader in everything from job creation in the manufacturing sector to advanced healthcare technologies. Its energy infrastructure business is doing well as is GE Capital.

Source: Interbrand

#5 Microsoft

$57.9 billion brand value

Down 2 per cent from last year

Ranked 5 last year

Microsoft's growth hasn't been as robust as Apple and Google, with weak computer demand as customers switch to mobile. The future depends on the success of Windows 8 and its move into tablets.

Source: Interbrand

#4 Google

$69.7 billion brand value

Up 26 per cent from last year

Ranked 4 last year

Google revenue keeps growing. The brand value also increased with the purchase of Motorola Mobility. Meanwhile: Project Glass augmented-reality head-mounted display, Google TV, Google Drive cloud computing and continued deployment of its self-driving cars.

Source: Interbrand

#3 IBM

$75.5 billion brand value

Up 8 per cent from last year

Ranked 2 last year

IBM continued to reinvent itself by pivoting to emerging markets, big data analytics, and cloud computing, as well as its Smarter Planet initiative. 'It remains a textbook example of how to create, build, and deliver a world-leading business-to-business brand,' says Omnicom.

Source: Interbrand

#2 Apple

$76.6 billion brand value

Up 129 per cent from last year

Ranked 8 last year

Apple continued to inspire intense devotion in its customers and met expectations in both the IPad3 and the IPhone5. And have you seen that stock price?

Source: Interbrand

#1 Coca-Cola

$77.8 billion brand value

Up 8 per cent from last year

Ranked 1 last year

Coca-Cola remains 'a name that is more universally recognised than any other in the world,' according to Omnicom. Its brand continues to crow too through popular Olympic sponsorship, its 'Coca-Cola Music' promotion, and various progressive initiatives. Now with 3,500 different beverages sold worldwide, Coke is leading the emerging markets too.

Source: Interbrand

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