The 11 Most Useless iPhone Apps Ever


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iPhone apps can be great. Some keep you up with the news, track your finances, or give you the weather.But most of Apple’s 300,000 apps are ridiculously useless. The following list identifies 11 of the worst.

An app that quantifies how ugly you are

App: Ugly Meter

Cost: $0.99

Description: The Ugly Meter gives you a one to 10 rating of how ugly you are by scanning the details of your face. As if getting a rating close to 10 isn't bad enough the app also comments on how ugly you are. The only people who could benefit from this are plastic surgeons.

An app that makes you fat

App: Fat Booth

Cost: $0.99

Description: Fat Booth takes a photo and adds a few extra pounds on to your face. But beware, Fat Booth 'does not guarantee resemblance to the real fattening process.'

An app that makes you sounds like T-Pain

App: I Am T-Pain

Cost: $2.99

Description: The I Am T-Pain app allows users to make auto-tune recordings of their voice. The app includes music T-Pain's biggest hits so you can sing along with an auto-tuned voice.

An app with a talking baby hippo

App: Talking Baby Hippo

Cost: $0.99

Description: The Talking Baby Hippo app lets users tickle, poke, and feed a baby hippo standing on a beach. The app also allows you to record your voice that the hippo repeats in a baby voice.

An app dedicated to a YouTube sensation

App: Talking Antoine: The Bed Intruder

Cost: $1.99

Description: If you ever need to tell someone to 'hide yo kids,' this app will do the trick. The Bed Intruder app has 32 sound bytes from the now famous interview with Antoine Dobson.

An app to test your love

App: Love Detector

Cost: $1.99

Description: Hold your iPhone vertically and your love frequency for someone is at one. Hold your iPhone horizontally and your love frequency for someone is 10.

An app that gives you a pirate name

App: Your True Pirate Name

Cost: $1.99

Description: This app transforms a real name into a pirate name.

An app comparing your weight to animals' weights

App: Animal Weights

Cost: $0.99

Description: Animal Weights allows users to compare their weight to over 100 animals around the world. Just enter your weight and see where you rank among the animals.

An app that jumps

App: My Jumping Friend

Cost: $0.99

Description: My Jumping Friend contains different funny characters that jump and bounce as your phone moves. Its suggested use is during your commute, but be careful the characters hurt their heads as you take them over bumps.

An app with an all knowing duck

App: AskWally

Cost: $0.99

Description: Ask Wally, a rubber duck, a question about anything and he will answer you. Just ask, shake, and all of your problems are solved.

An app that gives you Bieber hair

App: BieberHair

Cost: $0.99

Description: BieberHair lets you see what you'd look like with hair like teen idol, Justin Bieber. You can even see what your dog looks like with Bieber fever.

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