15 Celebrities Who Are Becoming Increasingly Unpopular

j wowwJ-Woww has seen a dip in popularity since ‘Jersey Shore’ ended.

Last year, everyone was talking about Angelina Jolie’s leg, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce, the Olympics, and PSY’s “Gangnam Style.”

So far this year, Robert Downey Jr., Justin Timberlake, and J.J. Abrams have taken the spotlight with new films and the release of a new album.

Which celebrities aren’t people talking about this year?

E-Poll crunched the numbers based on responses to 1,100 surveys to tell us which stars lost the most likeability.

15. Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa revealed spending nearly $10,000 on weed every month last year.

The singer just welcomed a son, Sebastian, in February and released a new EP in April.

14. Simon Baker

Baker is losing popularity, despite his CBS series 'The Mentalist' being renewed for a sixth season.

13. Russell Brand

Brand was completely in the spotlight until his divorce from superstar ex-wife Katy Perry after two years together.

The comedian later said he and Perry were incompatible.

12. Kristin Chenoweth

Chenoweth's ABC series 'Good Christian Bitches' was cancelled after one season. Since then, she has been on 'The Good Wife' as a political reporter and received an honorary Ph.D. from Oklahoma City.

11. Will.i.am

Will.i.am launched the first song broadcast from Mars last August.

He released a new album #willpower in April featuring collaborations with Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown.

10. Josh Radnor

Now in season eight, Radnor's CBS show 'How I Met Your Mother' has been dragging out over the past few years.

His second film 'Liberal Arts' debuted last year at Sundance Film Festival.

9. Andrew Zimmern

Travel Channel's 'Bizarre Foods' host sounded off on review site Yelp in a podcast at the end of last year.

8. Regina King

TNT just cancelled her show 'Southland' after five seasons.

Instead, she'll be joining ABC on comedy series 'Divorce: A Love Story.'

7. Brad Pitt

Last year, Pitt starred in The Weinstein Company's 'Killing Them Softly' which opened to a weak $6 million.

This June, he'll star in the already-troubled film adaptation of 'World War Z.'

MTV's 'Jersey Shore' which shot Farley to fame ended last December.

Her spinoff show with Snooki just ended season 2 on the network.

5. Andy Samberg

Samberg left 'Saturday Night Live' last year with Kristen Wiig. This June, his group The Lonely Island will release a new album.

4. Nicki Minaj

Last year, Minaj didn't get on nicely with her 'American Idol' costars after a reported huge feud with costar Mariah Carey and a Twitter fight with Steven Tyler.

3. Hope Solo

In November, Solo married former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens after the two reportedly fought and she was left injured.

2. Atticus Shaffer

The child star of 'The Middle' moved away from the ABC sitcom last year and was featured in his first film, Disney's animated 'Frankenweenie.'

1. Ryan Lochte

During the Olympics, Saturday Night Live parodied Lochte's poor interview skills.

When his E! series 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?' hit the airwaves it tanked in the ratings.

You've seen the stars who have fallen in the past year ...

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