The Grossest Recipes From The Five Worst Cookbooks Of 2012

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has just released its annual list of the year’s most unhealthy cookbooks. All of the cookbooks promote recipes high in cholesterol as well as meat, cheese, and fat, and were inspired by pop culture phenomenons or written by celebrity chefs.

Previous chefs called out by the committee have included Jamie Oliver for his meatball sub with bacon that has more fat than a Big Mac, and Paula Deen for her Hot Buffalo Wings that rack up 910 calories for three wings alone.

See the full 2012 list below, as well as the recipes deemed grossest by the PCRM.

Rachael Ray’s My Year in Meals

Although Rachael Ray lobbied Congress for healthier food in school lunches with Michelle Obama, one serving of her Hearty Mac & Cheese with Squash and Sausage contains as much fat as a package of Original Oscar Mayer Bacon. One serving also contains 805 calories alone with a staggering 1,344 milligrams of sodium. The entire meal uses one whole pound of sausage.

Rachel Ray Sausage Squash Mac and Cheese

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The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook

Downton Abbey has made waves in British and American TV, but this book inspired by the series is not getting rave reviews. A serving of the Squab with Fig Foie Gras recipe contains more cholesterol than 10 Big Macs and as much fat as 12 tbs. of lard, not to mention a whopping 1,143 calories. It’s made with pigeons, duck fat, foie gras, and butter.

squab and foie gras

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Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches

Emeril’s Monte Cristo sandwich contains Swiss cheese, ham, cheddar cheese, turkey, butter, and mayonnaise. It is then beer-battered, deep-fried, and dusted with sugar. Unsurprisingly, one serving of Emeril’s Monte Cristo contains as much sodium as half a medium Papa John’s pepperoni pizza — 2,439 milligrams in total. That is far more sodium than Americans should be consuming in an entire day.

Emeril Monte Cristo

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 50 Shades of Chicken

The cover for this book is pretty cheeky, but that’s where the humour stops for the PCRM. The Bacon-Bound Wings are made with eight strips of bacon, and four wings alone contain up to 125 milligrams of cholesterol — more than a 10-ounce New York strip steak at Outback Steakhouse.

50 Shades of Chicken

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Southern Living: The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook

Southern cooking is known for foods rich in butter, carbs, and protein, and Southern Living’s Sausage Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole is no exception. Two pounds of sausage and six large eggs go into this dish, with one serving containing more cholesterol than eight Cinnabon Classics plus double the limit of saturated fat recommended by the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Sausage Hashbrown Casserole Southern Living

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The PCRM is also preparing for next year’s list, referencing rumours of a possible Sarah Palin cookbook heavy on the meat and high in fat and cholesterol. We’ll just have to wait and see.