The 15 Most Unemployed Cities In America (That Aren't In California!)


While national unemployment has begun to stabilise, several cities haven’t seen any improvement at all.

Courtesy of the BLS, here are the 15-worst cities in America that aren’t in California.

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New Bedford, Massachusetts: 15.3% unemployment

Steubenville-Weirton, Ohio: 15.4% unemployment

Ocala, Florida: 15.4% unemployment

Detroit-Warren-Livonia, Michigan: 15.6% unemployment

Elkhart-Goshen, Illinois: 15.6% unemployment

Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, North Carolina: 15.8% unemployment

Monroe, Michigan: 15.8% unemployment

Kankakee-Bradley, Illinois: 16% unemployment

Bend, Oregon: 16.1% unemployment

Myrtle Beach-North Myrtle Beach-Conway, South Carolina: 16.5% unemployment

Muskegon-Norton Shores, Michigan: 16.6% unemployment

Palm Coast, Florida: 17.1% unemployment

Ocean City, New Jersey: 17.3% unemployment

Rockford, Illinois: 19.7% unemployment

Yuma, Arizona: 20.1% unemployment

BONUS: California Top 5: Stockton with 18.4%

BONUS: California Top 5: Modesto with 18.9% unemployment

BONUS: California Top 5: Yuba City with 20.8% unemployment

BONUS: California Top 5: Merced with 21.7% unemployment

BONUS: California Top 5: El Centro with 27.3% unemployment

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