The 11 most tech-friendly airlines in the world

Alaska AirlinesAn Alaska Airlines passenger using a mobile device.

As connectivity becomes an increasingly integral part of modern life, so has the need to remain connected to the outside world while we fly.

Traveloka, an Indonesian digital travel-booking platform compiled a list of the most tech-friendly airlines in the world. In this particular survey, Traveloka collected information relating to airline WiFi access, power outlet availability, live TV, in-flight entertainment, mid-air text messaging and phone calls, essentially looking to find which airline leaves its passengers best connected while they are flying.

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“Staying connected is a key part of travelling. Gone are the days when you’d venture abroad with little more than a paper map to find your way – today smartphones, laptops, and iPads all play an important role in getting us from A to B,” Caesar Indra, Senior Vice President Business Development at Traveloka, said in a statement.

“It’s not unreasonable to assume the airlines with the best reputation or most expensive seats will offer the best in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi, but our research proves this isn’t always the case. In fact, some budget-friendly carriers, such as JetBlue Airways, are going above and beyond to guarantee their customers reliable connectivity.”

Coming out on top is Qatar Airways, which launched its Super Wi-Fi promotion in April, offering passengers high-speed broadband access throughout the flight.

Delta Air Lines was the highest ranking domestic carrier on the list, owing to the fact it offers free mobile messaging through WhatsApp, Facebook, and iMessage, as well as $US16 all-day WiFi access.

The 50 airlines featured in Traveloka’s list were taken from the top 50 in the latest rankings by Skytrax, a UK-based consumer aviation website.

Take a look below at Traveloka’s list of the world’s most tech-friendly airlines:

10. Oman Air (Score 77.4 out of 100 — Tie)

10. Eva Air (Score: 77.4 out of 100 — Tie)

9. Etihad Airways (Score: 78.6)

8. Turkish Airlines (Score: 79.6)

7. Alaska Airlines (Score: 80.1)

Alaska Airlines

6. Cathay Pacific (Score: 82.0)

5. JetBlue Airways (Score: 82.4)

4. British Airways (Score: 84.9)

3. Delta Air Lines (Score: 85.7)

Delta News Hub

2. Emirates (Score: 88.4)

1. Qatar Airways (Score: 92.3)

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