Most Small Businesses With Web Sites Don’t Buy Search Ads (GOOG)


The search advertising market still has most of the way to grow among small businesses, results from a Microsoft-sponsored online survey suggest.

59% of responding small businesses with Web sites still don’t buy search advertising — usually because they worry it will be too expensive or not “the best use of their marketing budgets.”

Reading between the lines, it’s obvious that Microsoft (MSFT) is trying to suggest that search advertising leader Google (GOOG) does a poor job marketing itself and making customers comfortable with its products.

Of course, Microsoft sponsored the survey and presumably only released numbers it thinks will help them sell more search ads, so you have to take them with a grain of salt. Still, they’re interesting:

  • 59% of small businesses with Web sites don’t currently use any paid search marketing
  • Of those, 90% have never even attempted it.
  • 70% of small business owners say they would rather do their own taxes than start a search marketing campaign
  • 86% small business owners felt that they could be missing opportunities to grow their business.
  • 75% believed prospective customers could be searching online for the type of service their business offers.
  • 89 % feared keywords may become too expensive.
  • 81% questioned if paid search marketing is the best use of their marketing budgets.
  • 25% of respondents believe paid search marketing is too complex.
  • 21% thought it would be too time consuming.
  • 25% felt they would need an agency to help set up a search marketing campaign.

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