The 25 Stocks Investors Are Shorting Like Crazy

With the stock market sitting near all-time highs, some investors are wondering which stocks they should bet against.

We compiled a list of the 25 most shorted stocks as measured by short interest as a per cent of floating shares.

These stocks include for-profit colleges, brick-and-mortar retailers, and direct marketers.

High on this list is Herbalife, the multi-level direct marketer of diet supplement which has been the target of hedge fund giant Bill Ackman.

But despite the high-profile nature of Ackman’s massive short position, it is not the most shorted direct marketer on our list.


Ticker: MCP

Industry: Rare earth producer

per cent float: 30.93

Comment: The stock recently hit a 52-week low on rising production costs.

Source: Bloomberg

Heckmann Corp.

Ticker: HEK

Industry: Industrial waste management

per cent float: 31.25

Comment: Heckmann's financials were called 'a bit tough to decipher' by the Motley Fool.

Source: Bloomberg

Ruckus Wireless Inc.

Ticker: RKUS

Industry: Computer- based systems

per cent float: 31.77

Comment: Ruckus went public in November.

Source: Bloomberg

3D Systems Corp.

Ticker: DDD

Industry: 3-D printing

per cent float: 33.22

Comment: 3D Systems says it wants to put a 3-D printer in every American home, according to

Source: Bloomberg

Polypore International

Ticker: PPO

Industry: Lithium battery components

per cent float: 33.72

Comment: Polypore recently reported a 5.6% drop in revenue.

Source: Bloomberg

InterOil Corp.

Ticker: IOC

Industry: Integrated oil and gas

per cent float: 33.93

Comment: InterOil's claims to have drawn scepticism from some commentators, who've criticised its 'delays, relentless promotional activity, and unreliability over the past decade.'

Source: Bloomberg

Miller Energy Resources

Ticker: MILL

Industry: Oil and gas exploration and production

per cent float: 34.48

Comment: Miller was recently downgraded by The Street from 'hold' to 'sell' on declining net income.

Source: Bloomberg


Ticker: SVU

Industry: Grocery

per cent float: 34.78

Comment: SUPERVALU just announced it was laying off 1,100 workers.

Source: Bloomberg

Standard Pacific

Ticker: SPF

Industry: Homebuilder

per cent float: 35.4

Comment: Standard Pacific stock recently hit a 52-week high.

Source: Bloomberg

K12 Inc.

Ticker: LRN

Industry: For-profit education

per cent float: 35.48

Comment: K12 was recently downgraded by Wells Fargo from to 'market perform' from 'outperform.'

Source: Bloomberg


Ticker: GME

Industry: Retail

per cent float: 35.8

Comment: GameStop is predicting a soft first half of 2013 as gamers await new consoles.

Source: Bloomberg

Higher One Holdings

Ticker: ONE

Industry: Academic payment processing

per cent float: 36.1

Comment: Higher One's cash flow sources were recently called 'questionable' by the Motley Fool.

Source: Bloomberg


Ticker: RSH

Industry: Electronics retail

per cent float: 36.4

Comment: RadioShack was recently included in a list of companies the Motley Fool says could go bankrupt.

Source: Bloomberg

Freescale Semiconductor Limited

Ticker: FSL

Industry: Microchips

per cent float: 37.38

Comment: Freescale was recently downgraded to 'market perform' from 'outperform' by Bernstein.

Source: Bloomberg

WhiteWave Foods Co.

Ticker: WWAV

Industry: Vegetarian food products

per cent float: 38.26

Comment: WhiteWave went public in October.

Source: Bloomberg


Ticker: HLF

Industry: Nutrition

per cent float: 38.27

Comment: Herbalife again got called out recently by Bill Ackman, who compared it to a company previously accused of being a pyramid scheme.

Source: Bloomberg


Ticker: YELP

Industry: Online directory

per cent float: 38.51

Comment: Yelp now faces competition from Facebook's graph search.

Source: Bloomberg

Barnes & Noble

Ticker: BKS

Industry: Books

per cent float: 38.54

Comment: Barnes & Noble is now literally giving away its simple e-readers.

Source: Bloomberg


Ticker: ESI

Industry: For-profit education

per cent float: 39.43

Comment: ITT's is being investigated by the SEC.

Source: Bloomberg

Fusion-io Inc.

Ticker: FIO

Industry: Data storage services

per cent float: 40.02

Comment: Fusion-io recently cut forecasts on Facebook and Apple order delays.

Source: Bloomberg

JC Penney

Ticker: JCP

Industry: Retail

per cent float: 40.29

Comment: JCP just announced it was recalling an entire series of cribs.

Source: Bloomberg

AVG Technologies NV

Ticker: AVG

Industry: Internet security software

per cent float: 42.19

Comment: AVG's CEO recently resigned. The company went public last February.

Source: Bloomberg


Ticker: HHG

Industry: Internet security software

per cent float: 46.13

Comment: hhgregg was recently put by Forbes in the same box with RadioShack and Best Buy of retailers threatened by e-commerce.

Source: Bloomberg

USANA Health Sciences

Ticker: USNA

Industry: Nutrition

per cent float: 67.29

Comment: USANA has some investors believing it faces the same dangers as Herbalife.

Source: Bloomberg

Blyth Inc.

Ticker: BTH

Industry: Direct marketing

per cent float: 84.68

Comment: The Motley Fool recently called Blyth a 'lackluster speculator in over-hyped weight loss merchandise.'

Source: Bloomberg

More assets than people say are doomed...

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