The 16 most shocking moments of ‘Clayshia’s’ season of ‘The Bachelorette’

Tayshia and Chris Harrison. Craig Sjodin/ABC
  • This season of “The Bachelorette” is over, and there was no shortage of wild moments.
  • Clare Crawley got engaged after just a few days, but before that, she sent Chris Harrison to break up with someone and audibly called someone her “fiancé.”
  • In an unprecedented move, Tayshia Adams stepped in to become the newest star of “The Bachelorette.”
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This season of “The Bachelorette” was filled with ups and downs, fights, drama, and even two stories of true love.

We’ve picked the 16 most shocking moments of the season, from Clare’s one-track mind to Tayshia’s clear declaration of love while she had three men left.

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One of the most shocking moments of the season happened before it started shooting — the COVID-19 pandemic pushed back filming from March to July.

Our newest Bachelorette, Clare Crawley. Craig Sjodin/ABC/Getty Images

Everything about this season is different. There will be no international travel, and instead the entire season is taking place at the La Quinta Resort in California. Each suitor had to quarantine and get tested before filming, along with Chris Harrison and Clare Crawley herself.

When the season finally got underway, things got wild quickly. After meeting Dale for the first time, Clare said, “I definitely feel like I just met my husband.”

Dale and Clare. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Although leads frequently say things like “I think my future husband/wife is in this room,” you never hear them blatantly call a specific person their future winner – and especially not on the first night of filming.

One of the contestants, Yosef, started insulting Clare right off the bat, and claimed that he would never want his daughter to have a role model like Clare.

Yosef. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Yosef, who had already been called out for reportedly DMing women on Instagram before the show began filming, decided he’d had enough, and said he was “ashamed to be associated” with Clare. He also insulted her, declaring, “I expected way more from the oldest Bachelorette.” For those reasons, he had to go.

On one of Clare’s dates with Zach J., viewers witnessed one of the most uncomfortable moments in the show’s history.

The ‘kiss’ in question. ABC

Even though Clare was clearly only interested in Dale from the beginning, she gave it a try with other guys for at least a few days. But on her date with Zach J., it became obvious that she was just not feeling it with anyone else.

Before they separated to get ready for the dinner portion of their date, Clare went in for the kiss, and she thought that Zach leaned away, which made her upset. Then, to make matters worse, he started grabbing her to try and prove that he actually did want to kiss her, which upset Clare even more. It was not a good omen for their relationship.

After the daytime date went so poorly, Clare sent Chris Harrison out to dump Zach J. on her behalf.

Zach J. and Clare on the first night. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Even in the worst circumstances, the lead usually has to break up with the contestants themselves … but not this time. Apparently, Clare couldn’t even bring herself to show up to the date, and instead sent Chris Harrison in her place to tell Zach it was time to get to stepping.

Dale and Clare went missing for a full 45 minutes and she ignored the rest of her suitors. She could even be heard asking producers to hurry things up.

Dale and Clare. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Never has a “Bachelorette” star been so brazenly invested in just one person – even if a lead knows who their winner is, they still pretend for the first few weeks and try to give everyone their time.

Clare, however, took things into her own hands by disappearing with Dale for almost an hour inside her suite, leaving all of her other contestants waiting. By the time she finally reappeared, Clare quickly asked producers if they could “hurry this up,” which was a double break from the norm, as we rarely see leads speaking to producers.

After a very tough date in which all the guys roasted Dale, Clare called him “her fiancé.”

Clare at the Roast. Craig Sjodin/ABC

This was in the third episode of the season. Clare, having already decided in her mind that Dale was the one, got upset at the rest of her suitors and straight up called Dale her fiancé to producers in an unprecedented move.

After she called Dale her fiancé, she refused to give anyone on the date the group rose, furthering the unrest in the house.

Clare refusing to give anyone a rose. ABC

Once again, Clare broke from tradition and decided that none of her suitors on the date were worthy of the group rose, essentially proclaiming that she didn’t like any of them enough to guarantee they’d be sticking around until the next week.

After all that drama, Clare picked Dale and got engaged after just a couple of weeks.

Clare and Dale. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Yes, “The Bachelor” and all its spin-offs move quickly, but even by “Bachelor” standards, this was wild. A season normally lasts around 10 episodes, and Clare was able to lock it down in just four. Cheers to these two crazy kids in love.

But before we could fully switch to a new lead, Chris Harrison got to grill the newly engaged couple about their relationship.

Clare and Dale. ABC

Even though, at this point, we were pretty sick of Clare and Dale, the show still had some lingering questions for the couple – namely, did they really not speak to each other before filming? The way Chris Harrison point-blank asked them if they had been lying to Bachelor Nation will live on in “Bachelor” infamy. (They answered no, they really hadn’t spoken before the show.)

Of course, the most shocking moment of the season was when Tayshia was pulled in for a mid-season switch.

Tayshia Adams and Chris Harrison. Craig Sjodin/ABC

After Clare and Dale rode off into the sunset, there was still eight weeks left of the season to fill – so the powers that be brought in Tayshia, a fan-favourite from Colton’s season of “The Bachelor” and “BIP” season five.

Four new men were brought in for Tayshia, and one of them received the first impression rose.

Spencer and Noah. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Of those four, two were sent home immediately. Spencer received the first impression rose, and Noah stuck around for a few weeks to become the closest thing to a villain this season. But the show has never brought in four new guys halfway through the season before.

Ivan’s conversation with Tayshia about current events was something we’ve never seen before on the show.

Tayshia Adams and Ivan Hall on ‘The Bachelorette.’ Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Ivan and Tayshia spoke about current events like the death of George Floyd, police brutality, and the Black Lives Matter movement. On its own, that shouldn’t be that wild, but “The Bachelor” and its spin-offs rarely, if ever, let the real world seep into their fairytale land. It points to a more realistic and inclusive future for the show.

After getting eliminated, Bennett showed up on Tayshia’s doorstep looking very Patrick Bateman-esque.

Bennett. Craig Sjodin/ABC

After a very cringey two-on-one date with Noah, Tayshia sent Bennett home, but a few days later, he appeared on her doorstep, telling her he loved her and that he wanted another chance.

Tayshia was so stunned that her fence door literally slammed into her shoulder.

And just a few episodes later, Ben showed up after getting eliminated as well … and he actually stuck around until the final two.

Tayshia and Ben. ABC

Tayshia eliminated Ben after Hometowns, leaving her with Brendan, Ivan, and Zac. But after Brendan sent himself home, Ben returned to finally tell Tayshia he loved her.

Although she was confused about her feelings, she sent Ivan home, and allowed Ben to stay as one of her final two. However, it wasn’t meant to be …

Tayshia broke one of the cardinal rules of “The Bachelorette”: She told Zac she loved him while she had two other guys left.

Zac and Tayshia. Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fortunately, it all worked out and she ended up getting engaged to Zac – but it was still a jaw-dropping moment when Tayshia reciprocated Zac’s feelings so clearly, when she still had Ivan and Brendan around. That did mean it wasn’t shocking when the two finally got their happy ending.