Unforgettable quotes from 7 of the most powerful leaders in the world

Barack Obama. Photo: Evan Vucci – Pool/Getty Images.

Coming from the right orator, words have the ability to shape society and the future.

It’s no coincidence that the most powerful leaders in the world — from Barack Obama to Bill Gates to Vladimir Putin — are gifted speakers who win support, shape minds, and even stir controversy with their words.

Though his speaking habits are unconventional — and often contentious — US President-Elect Donald Trump now joins the same the ranks as these powerful leaders. As the new face of the world’s foremost superpower, Trump’s words will carry more weight than ever before.

Scroll through to find out what Trump and ten more of the world’s most powerful people have to say about ambition, command, and leadership.

Melissa Stanger contributed to an earlier version of this post.

Barack Obama

Getty; Business Insider/Melissa Stanger

Donald Trump

Drew Angerer/Getty; Tanza Loudenback/Business Insider

Bill Gates

TED/Ryan Lash; Business Insider/Melissa Stanger

Warren Buffett

Getty/Jamal Countess; Business Insider/Melissa Stanger

Pope Francis

Reuters; Business Insider/Melissa Stanger

Janet Yellen

Getty/Chip Somodevilla; Business Insider/Melissa Stanger

Charles Koch

YouTube/CBS Evening News; Business Insider/Melissa Stanger

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