13 insanely popular websites you've probably never heard of

Everyone knows the most popular websites — Google, Amazon, Youtube and so forth.

But after the top 5, things can get a little weird.

Ever hear of steamcommunity.com? Or littlethings.com? Lots of people have.

Using data from Quantcast, which makes it easy to see the top websites in the United States based on millions of users that visit each website every month, we created a list of some of these strangely popular destinations.

We picked out the top sites you’ve never heard of, and for each one compared it to a big name site you almost definitely have heard of.

Some are worth taking a closer look at, you might just find your new favourite website.

This is an update to a post by Ellis Hamburger.

1. Legacy.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

An online obituary site that gathers obituaries from around the world, Legacy.com is as tear-jerking as it sounds.

It also draws 25,082,076 monthly visitors, several million more than USA Today.

2. Ranker.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

Ranker.com sounds exactly like what it is, hundreds of crowdsourced lists ranking just about everything. From the best chess sets to most iconic Revolutionary War weapons, Ranker's users have decided what comes first and what comes last.

At 22,300,614 monthly views, Ranker (literally) outranks Pandora's 15,482,069 monthly views.

3. Twentytwowords.com

Caroline Cakebread/Business Insider

A 'premier viral publisher' twentytwowords.com's mission is to 'Fight Boredom. Spread Happiness.' They do so through articles about life hacks and cute puppies.

Apparently internet users eat it up, the site gets 16,100,179 views a day, more than travel website Expedia.

4. Hometalk.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

DIY seems to be here to stay. This community run home improvement site is full of 'how to' videos for home improvement projects. People can also post questions seeking help from other users. Hometalk.com gets 14,493,739 monthly visitors -- about a million more than Macys.

5. WorldLifestyle.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

WorldLifestyle.com is a viral content source for people interested in wellness, health, and beauty topics. It attracts 14,803,50 visitors a month and beats out Hulu.

6. LittleThings.com

Caroline Cakebread/Business Insider

LittleThings.com is another content site DIY-ers and parents.

There's a lot of people in need of crafting and recipe help -- LittleThings gets 15 million views per month. That's a good deal more than the New York Times, who get a little more than 13 million monthly visitors.

7. Topix.com

Caroline Cakebread/Business Insider

Topix.com is an entertainment and news site that has a slideshow or quiz on almost anything its users can come up with, including; 'do you know closeup appliances' and '21 signs you're old now.'

Curiously, it has a specific complaint form for law enforcement and school officials, and states in its terms of service, 'If it upsets you that the free expression of ideas is often heated and offensive, please do not use Topix.'

Whatever Topix is, it's a hit. The site gets 12,223,14 monthly visitors, which is more than we get here at Business Insider.

8. Realtor.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

Realtor.com is a site for anyone looking to rent, buy, or sell a home. It has property listings and tips for prospective buyers and sellers.

It gets 13 million hits every month, more than the Rolling Stone.

9. Rumble.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

Rumble.com is a user run viral video site. Community members with usernames like PAWsitive and ViralHog upload videos with small stories. Every video encourages the viewer to share with friends.

People eat the content up, the site gets more traffic than Airbnb.

10. Steamcommunity.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

Steamcommunity.com is a platform for buying and downloading games and interacting with other players. The games range from your typical sports and battle games to some pretty weird ones. For example, 'Slime Rancher' and 'Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.' The site gets 12,072,920 monthly visits, more than both NPR and Bloomberg.

11. Urbo.com

Caroline Cakebread/Business Insider

Urbo.com is an online publisher that strives to create 'intriguing content.' The 'hottest' article on the homepage is, 'This cat passed away after serving as an Alaskan mayor for 20 years.'

Urbo gets 11,593,398 visitors a month, more than Eonline.com and Answers.com.

12. AZLyrics.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

According to its site, AZlyrics.com is, 'a place where all searches end.' The site has thousands of song listings and gets over ten million views a month -- more than the American Express website.

13. GameFAQs.com

Caroline Cakebread / Business Insider

GameFaqs.com seems to be the go to site for serious gamers. The site is similar to Reddit, but users only talk about games. It gets 10,120,482 monthly visitors which is almost more than half of what the Food Network website gets.

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