MAPS: The Most Popular Winter Olympic Sport In Every Country

Facebook put together this cool map of the most talked about Winter Olympic sports in every country during the first week of the Olympics.

Some observations (see continent-by-continent maps below):

  • Europe loves biathlon.
  • Figure skating is the most popular sport so far, with a diverse selection of countries talking about it more than anything else this week.
  • The first snowboarding medal in British history, a bronze by Jenny Jones in slopestyle, shot that sport to the top in the UK.
  • Argentina likes curling?!
  • Alpine skiing is #1 in Lebanon after Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun posed for a topless calendar.
  • In many instances, medals dictate buzz. Snowboarding is #1 in Japan because of their silver and bronze in halfpipe. Ski jumping is #1 in Slovenia because of Peter Pervc’s silver.

Here are the maps by continent…

Europe loves biathlon, with a little ice hockey in Scandinavia:

Olympic map europe copy


North America is dominated by figure skating:

Olympics map usa


Asia is a mixed bag:

Olympics map asia


South America is ruled by figure skating:

Olympics map south ameirca


Africa likes their figure skating too:

Olympics map africa


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