The 13 Most Popular Brand Names For Dogs

ChihuahuaTequila the chihuahua chills in NYC

There are 81,542 registered dogs in New York City.

Using the city’s official dog data, NPR station WNYC has publicly listed all of them in an online spreadsheet. Every single dog’s breed, name, and colours are counted for.

As it turns out, New Yorkers give their dogs really weird names. From luxury fashion to cognac, NYC’s canine population represents a large sampling of well-known brands. Some are better names than others.

We compiled WNYC’s rankings and our own research to bring you this countdown.

13. Armani — Top breed: Yorkshire Terrier.

12. Kahlua — Top breed: Labrador Retriever.

11. Levi — Top breed: Havanese.

10. Fendi — Top breed: Siberian Husky.

9. Pepsi — Top breed: Jack Russell Terrier.

8. Hennessy — Top breed: Yorkshire Terrier.

7. Guinness — Top breed: German Shepherd.

6. Dolce — Top breed: Yorkshire Terrier.

5. Polo — Top breed: Pit Bull.

4. Chanel — Top breed: Yorkshire Terrier.

3. Gucci — Top breed: Yorkshire Terrier.

2. Bosco — Top breed: Labrador Retriever.

1. Oreo — Top breed: Shih Tzu.

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