The most popular beauty trend the year you were born

Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesThe chunky highlights trend was questionable.
  • Beauty has a rich history filled with fascinating trends.
  • Some of these moments were glorious and still have a place in the beauty world today – like Ali MacGraw’s ’70s center part or Brooke Shields’ thick eyebrows.
  • Other trends, like Christina Aguilera’s crimped hair in the early 2000s, are best left in the past.

Beauty has a rich history filled with fascinating trends, iconic product launches, and pop-culture moments that have defined decades.

Some of these moments were glorious and still have a place in the beauty world today – like Ali MacGraw’s ’70s center part or Brooke Shields’ thick eyebrows. Other trends, like Christina Aguilera’s crimped hair in the early 2000s, are best left in the past.

Take a moment to reminisce about the buzzworthy makeup and hairstyles that shaped the last 47 years, and see which one marked the year you were born.

1970: A full fringe was wildly popular in the early ’70s, as seen on Cher.

Keystone/Stringer/Getty ImagesThis was one of Cher’s more tame hairstyles.

Cher maintained this ’60s style for a short period of time in the ’70s before venturing into bigger, more experimental looks like curls, spikes, and mullets.

1971: This year was all about the effortless center part, à la Ali MacGraw.

Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images‘Love Story’ star, Ali MacGraw, was photographed wearing the style.

From the ’70s and even up to today, the center part has proven to be a timeless look.

1972: People were inspired by Liza Minnelli’s signature pixie cut in the ’70s.

With her dark pixie, Minnelli showed that early ’70s hairstyles weren’t limited to center parts and long bangs.

1973: Diana Ross wore long, full lashes, proving that the decade wasn’t only about natural-looking makeup.

Evening Standard/Stringer/Getty ImagesThis photo was taken during her first solo tour in the UK.

Ross incorporated the false lash trend that dominated the ’60s into her ’70s beauty routine, pairing them with bold lipstick and curls.

1974: The no-makeup look thrived in the ’70s, and Joni Mitchell wore it well.

Back in the ’70s, people went without eyeliner or mascara decades before Alicia Keys made a beauty statement by abandoning makeup on the red carpet.

1975: By 1975, soft pastel eye shadows and eyeliners were a popular choice.

Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesAgnetha Fältskog, a member of ABBA, lined her eyes in a silver-blue colour.

Even without much mascara, Fältskog brought the focus to her eyes by keeping the rest of her look simple with a nude lip and bronzer.

1976: Bianca and Mick Jagger made a case for choppy layers in 1976.

The Jaggers elevated their seriously shaggy hair by keeping their hair looking glossy.

1977: This year, everyone wanted to copy Farrah Fawcett’s hairdo, which consisted of long bangs and wispy layers.

Fawcett’s hairstylist told InStyle that less than a year after “Charlie’s Angles” premiered, “people [were] lining up [and] down the street” just to get her haircut.

1978: Loose spirals that looked fresh off the curlers also had a place among the popular hairstyles of the late ’70s.

While some people modelled their big, tousled curls after Farrah Fawcett and Diana Ross, others opted for sleek spirals with added volume near the crown of the head.

1979: As the ’80s approached, disco queen Donna Summer continued to use flowers as hair accessories, a trend that was popular in the ’60s.

Disco, which peaked in the late ’70s, was fun and lively, and flowers were the perfect way to jazz up a beauty look.

1980: Bold eye shadow was especially popular in the ’80s, as seen here on Debbie Harry of the band Blondie.

Daring beauty moves like bright blue eye shadow first surfaced in 1980 and marked the rest of the decade.

1981: When Brooke Shields entered the fashion and film scene, so did thick, natural eyebrows.

Contrasting with the thin arches that dominated the ’60s and ’70s, thick, well-groomed eyebrows were a coveted beauty look in the ’80s.

1982: The voluminous, short mullet style was popular and edgy this year.

Newton-John’s short mullet was a modern take on Farrah Fawcett’s feathered ‘do, which dominated the 1970s.

1983: Short, side-swept hair was popular in the 1980s thanks to Princess Diana’s influence.

Princess Diana Archive/Getty ImagesDiana’s voluminous bob grazed her forehead and was often perfectly styled with a fabulous hat or a sparkling tiara.

Big hair dominated the 1980s, and cropped styles were no exception.

1984: Bold eye shadow paired with a vibrant lipstick were popular in 1984, and no one wore it better than Cyndi Lauper.

Her makeup looks extreme now, but this was a common look in the ’80s.

1985: This year, everyone rocked big curls, just like Madonna.

Barry Sweet/Getty ImagesThe ’80s were all about big hair.

As Good Housekeeping reports, the singer notoriously wore her high-volume updos with a wrap.

1986: Bright blush was the year’s must-have look.

When it came to ’80s makeup, brighter was definitely better.

1987: A lot of people went for a teased, poof hairstyle throughout the ’80s.

Unlike the bangs that dominated the ’70s, this teased hairstyle opened up the face while staying true to ’80s hair volume.

1988: Purple eye shadow was a huge trend.

Cosmopolitan reports that it was also popular to dust on pink and blue shadows to create a purple hue.

1989: Supermodel Linda Evangelista made the grown-out pixie haircut a late ’80s favourite.

The sleek hairstyle contrasted with the voluminous hairdos often associated with the era.

1990: This year, everyone was obsessed with Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick, a universally flattering, sheer product.

Ulta Beauty/YoutubeThe shade looks different on everyone.

The product, which looks dark in the tube and changes colour upon application, first launched in 1971. However, it didn’t earn “cult classic” status until the ’90s, according to Sephora.

1991: High ponytails, like Madonna’s, dominated this year because they were versatile, sassy, and fun.

High ponytails could be worn slicked back, messy, or to the side.

1992: Thin, drawn-on eyebrows ruled the ’90s.

The perfectly plucked, rounded arches only grew thinner throughout the rest of the ’90s when celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera picked up the trend.

1993: The all-natural makeup look was golden during the early ’90s.

The laid-back approach to beauty was a refreshing departure from the wild looks of the 1980s.

1994: Chanel’s Vamp nail polish, a reddish-black shade, became popular after Uma Thurman wore it in “Pulp Fiction.”

MiramaxThe nail polish became an instant classic.

Vamp, originally called Rouge Noir, was created from scratch backstage at Chanel’s 1994 Autumn/Winter runway show, according to Interview.

1995: Everyone was replicating Jennifer Aniston’s layered hairstyle, which was so popular that it was dubbed “The Rachel” named after her character on “Friends.”

NBC Television/Getty ImagesThough Aniston only wore ‘The Rachel’ for two years, it’s iconic.

To get “The Rachel,” people cut their hair in short, choppy layers, which they would fill with streaky highlights and slightly curl.

1996: This year was all about Spice — a cinnamon pink lip liner by MAC, that is.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty ImagesThe lip liner had a revival when models wore it on the Moschino runway in 2016.

Spice won an Allure Best of Beauty Award in 1996, and developed a cult beauty following among makeup artists and supermodels.

1997: Visible lip liner was one of the coolest makeup looks in the late ’90s.

Bold, unblended lip liner was a popular look for formal and everyday occasions.

1998: Vibrant blue eye shadow was a dramatic beauty staple.

Diane Freed/Stringer/Getty ImagesCameron Diaz brought the look to the red carpet.

This wild look was also huge in the 1980s.

1999: By this year, everybody wanted Meg Ryan’s shag from “You’ve Got Mail.”

Everett Collection/ShutterstockEveryone wanted to replicate Meg Ryan’s hair.

Ryan’s iconic shaggy haircut was short-lived, but, like “The Rachel,” it earned a place in beauty history.

2000: At the turn of the century, Christina Aguilera was rising to stardom, along with the crimped hair trend.

Chris Weeks/Getty ImagesThis ‘do required a whole lot of hair spray.

People achieved the look by using crimping irons, which were specifically designed to create the jagged waves.

2001: Nude lip gloss made a comeback in 2001, as seen on the members of Destiny’s Child.

Scott Gries/Getty ImagesDestiny’s Child provides some solid beauty inspiration.

Before matte lipstick, sheer gloss reigned supreme.

2002: Kelly Clarkson showed off the year’s go-to hairstyle — thick, contrasting highlights.

Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesShe parted her hair in a zigzag pattern.

There was nothing subtle about this phase of striped highlights, which dominated the early aughts.

2003: From lip gloss to eye shadow, this year was all about cool-toned beauty products.

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images and Getty ImagesJennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera took different approaches with cool-toned makeup.

As seen on Lopez and Aguilera, this look could work for night or day depending on how it was styled.

2004: The trendiest hairstyle was deeply parted side bangs.

Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesLindsay Lohan wore the look in ‘Mean Girls,’ which hit theatres in 2004.

This hairstyle could be straightened for a preppy look or teased for a more edgy vibe.

2005: Everyone wore heavy eyeliner on the waterline.

Andrew H. Walker/Stringer/Getty ImagesRihanna used a bright blue liner for Z100’s Jingle Ball.

This makeup trend subtly brightens the eyes.

2006: Heavy bronzer was a popular look.

Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty ImagesStars like Paris Hilton favoured a sun-kissed glow.

Teen Vogue called the faux-tanned look cringe-worthy.

2007: Berry-coloured lipsticks and glosses offered the perfect splash of colour that everyone wanted.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesKeira Knightley demonstrated the look at the Venice Film Festival that year.

Every lipstick and lip gloss featured in Allure’s 2007 Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards had a natural rosy pigment.

2008: Amy Winehouse showed the power of winged eyeliner and started a revolution.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images for NARASA dramatic cat eye was her signature, which she wore to the Grammys in 2008.

From angsty teens to models in Chanel’s pre-fall 2008 runway show,Winehouse inspired everyone to give the bold look a try in.

2009: The smokey eye trend took over 2009, and Rihanna slayed it.

Michael Loccisano/Getty ImagesThe singer kept her palette warm, yet dramatic.

People followed in Rihanna’s footsteps and crafted a soft variation of the look gently fading black eyeliner into warm neutral tones.

2010: This year, people embraced the low-maintenance ombré hair trend over traditional highlights.

Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesCelebrities like Drew Barrymore were early adopters of the tasteful alternative to unwanted roots.

Ombré leaves the roots dark or natural, while the rest of the hair gradually fades to a lighter shade. It was so popular that PopSugar named it the biggest hair trend of 2010.

2011: Glossy gel manicures picked up in popularity for their chip-resistant, lasting power.

Gel manicures, which are sealed by UV light, are chip and smudge resistant and can last up to 14 days before they begin peeling, according to Fox News.

2012: Bright orange became the year’s most popular makeup colour because it seemed to flatter a wide range of skin tones.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty ImagesSupermodel Coco Rocha shows how versatile the right shade of orange can be.

Orange isn’t an obvious beauty colour, but Pantone’s decision to name Tangerine Tango the colour of 2012 led to a rise in punchy lipsticks and bright nail polishes.

2013: Cara Delevingne set the trend for strong, untouched eyebrows.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty ImagesPeople gladly stepped away from the tweezers.

Delevingne’s distinct eyebrows were so influential that they contributed to a decline in tweezer sales, according to the Daily Mail. Fashionista also reported that eyebrow makeup was the fastest-growing category of eye makeup in 2013.

2014: Everyone was using Kylie Jenner’s lip kits to get a bold look achieved with lots of lip liner.

Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesKylie Jenner achieved the look with lip liner and filler injections.

Big, beautiful lips were around long before Jenner’s lip fillers became a hot topic and her lip kits became a must-have product.

2015: The man bun dominated thanks to celebrities like Jared Leto, Harry Styles, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Pol Roger ChampagneJared Leto’s man bun was sleek.

Though Leto is partially responsible for putting the man bun on the 2015 horizon,a Google trend report revealed that Harry Styles was actually the person most associated with helping the controversial hairdo spread far and wide.

2016: Everyone was obsessed with fishtail braids, a hairdo that’s surprisingly easy to recreate.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesCiara’s messy fishtail braid looked amazing with her golden hair tones.

Allure reported that “How to do a fishtail braid?” was the most-searched beauty question of the year.

2017: Skin care was the year’s big craze, especially face masks.

Junko Kimura/Getty ImagesPeople used everything from gold face masks to ones that use magnets.

It’s unsurprising that Google named face masks the top skin-care trend in 2017, as people even unabashedly wear them in public, showing just how much they prioritise their complexion.

2018: Everyone ditched regular nail polish for dip-powder manicures.

Brenna Opelka/INSIDERDip-powder nail polish can look glossy after being applied.

To achieve the look, nail technicians start by applying a clear base to the nails. The person getting the manicure then dips their nails into coloured powder, which is eventually sealed with a special polish.

While the manicure typically results in opaque, long-lasting colour, one INSIDER writer found that it was harmful to her nails and not the most hygenic manicure.

2019: Shiny eye looks have been popular throughout the beginning of this year.

Matteo Valle / Stringer / Getty ImagesFoiled eye shadows are often sold in gold or silver shades.

Specifically, foiled eye shadow has taken over. The look is often worn in shades of gold or silver, and is created using metallic beauty products.

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