An LA broker who has sold over $5 billion of real estate says wealthy homebuyers are focused on comfort and wellness, and it's influencing what amenities they're looking for

Getty ImagesWealthy buyers are looking for comfort- and wellness-oriented amenities.

Los Angeles’ luxury market is currently flooded with outrageous amenities like sky parks and massive bowling alleys.

The number of multimillion-dollar homes in the city just keeps growing, and developers are looking to amenities to help them stand out.

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California-based real-estate agent Jade Mills, who was ranked No. 6 on Real Trends’ 2019 list of top US real estate professionals by sales volume, finds that her buyers are less interested in tech-savvy amenities and more interested in those that promote comfort and good health.

She revealed to Business Insider the two amenities her buyers want the most in multimillion-dollar homes: home theatres and home gyms.

A home theatre

Buyers aren’t just looking for traditional theatre-style rooms, Mills told Busines Insider.

Instead of traditional features like leather seats, her buyers are looking for comfortable screening rooms with large sofas and overstuffed pillows.

“Instead of the old leather seats that were very popular, people want something that’s fluffy and comfortable and that feels like their living room.” Mills told Business Insider. “So that can be a family room with a big screen, or that can be a true screening room.”

Theatres are a popular amenity in the luxury market and, as Mills explained, can often deviate from the traditional movie-theatre decor. Just consider the Wallich Residence in Singapore, home to the country’s most expensive penthouse, which advertises a theatre with bean-bag style chairs as one of the building’s lavish amenities.

A home gym

People want their own gyms so that they don’t have to leave their homes to work out, Mills told Business Insider.

And while Mills said that some of her buyers prefer to attend local gyms, others are eager to find a home with one that’s included.

“People will say to me, ‘I want my own home gym so I can leave my bedroom, work out, shower, and leave for work,'” Mills said.

Home gyms are just one of the many wellness amenities that are currently flooding the luxury market. Business Insider’s Hillary Hoffower previously reported that wealthy people are spending money on investments like health and wellness over materialistic goods. Buildings across the country are dedicating thousands of square feet, sometimes even whole floors, to wellness amenities like yoga studios, spas, pools, and gyms.

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